A poem, whatever its uses to historians or social scientists, is only secondarily a political or societal document. What it seeks is validation as a source of value in itself.
— Harold Bloom, The American Religion
It's nice to be validated every once in a while.
— Woman "validating" boarding passes before we got on the plane
In fact, the form of the work of art gains its aesthetic validity precisely in proportion to the number of different perspectives from which it can be viewed and understood. These give it a wealth of different resonances and echoes without impairing its original essence.
— Umberto Eco, The Open Work
What it means is that if, if you have any fact which you think is really sinister, right? Is really obviously a fact which can only point to some sinister underpinning, hey forget it man, because you can never on your own think up all the non-sinister perfectly valid explanations for that fact.
— Josiah “Tink” Thompson, “The Umbrella Man,” “Errol Morris | Interview | TimesTalks,” YouTube
People flying between some European countries, including Germany and Spain, are no longer required to show their passports when crossing boarders. This has led some airlines to allow passengers to board a plane with only a valid ticket, without checking it against any proof of identification.
— Nicholas Kulish, Melissa Eddy, Nicola Clark, “Andreas Lubitz, Germanwings Co-Pilot, Researched Suicide and Cockpit Doors, Prosecutors Say,” The New York Times
That’s sort of equating validity with existence.
— Adam Welch
What I’m focusing on now is discovering what is going to give the work validity on its own.
— Martin Puryear, Young American Artists via Martin Puryear/John Elderfield