I remember the winter how cold it got
I could never get warm wherever I was
but I don't remember the summer heat like that
— W.S. Merwin "Remembering Summer," MTA Poetry in Motion poster
This moment could be the only moment over the last 100 years or the next 100 years, when it's appropriate for somebody like me to be in this conversation.
— Pete Buttigieg on FOX News Sunday on a Facebook ad
Raise your hand if ninjas are your favorite thing.
— Random throwaway line Ben Stiller's character's kid says over FaceTime, The Meyerowitz Stories
It's great to see you both, it's my last day.
— Parm waiter Colin C.
— Andrew
John Samuelsen, whose name is misspelled on his badge.
— J. David Goodman, "A Secretive Dinner Where $25,000 Buys Access to Cuomo (and Filet Mignon)," The New York Times
John Lindsay had been the tallest mayor of New York City, measuring 6-foot-4, until Mr. de Blasio took office.
— Jeffery C. Mays, "Brooklyn Wins Bragging Rights to the World’s Tallest Politician," The New York Times
His mantra has always been, what does the audience want to see? And then he tries to give it to them.
— Steve Kroft, "Samuel L. Jackson," 60 Minutes
I thought you said spaghetti tic tac mac and cheese.
— Lily in a low voice making fun of me when I mishear her
I'm just going to poop on the table and then say "bind this, book boy."
— Lily
I suppose I could shop if my nose isn't too runny.
— Lily in a text
,” he laughed, “
— Malcolm Jack on Sid, "From Dresden on the 50th Anniversary of ‘Slaughterhouse-Five’," The New York Times
As Ford Madox Ford observed in a column for The New York Times, Koehler "was like the instrument of a blind and atrociously menacing destiny. You shuddered at the thought of what might happen to you if such a mind and such an inconceivable industry should get to work on your own remote past—a man who searched 1,900 factories for the traces of the scratches of your plane on a piece of wood. It was fatastic and horrifying."
— A. Scott Berg, Lindbergh
When you think about someone, you're not perpetuating their memory, you're just thinking about them. If you put a name in a poem, you get some temporary relief, but no one is going to read the poem. So you've diluted yourself, which is what it's all about.
— Sid
Mr. Offit commissioned a detailed model of 40 Wall Street.
— David Enrich, "A Mar-a-Lago Weekend and an Act of God: Trump’s History With Deutsche Bank," The New York Times
Knock knock. (Who's there?) Owl is to. (Owl is to who?) As duck is to quack.
— Lily's bedtime knock knock joke
Why can't people be normal ******?
— Jamie at brunch
You got lucky.
— Houston Hall bartender on pretzel being ready right away
The Museum of Modern Art rejected a shoe drawing by Warhol that he had given to the museum.
— Jerry Saltz, "How to Be an Artist," New York Magazine
What's wrong with you coconut?
— Lily to me