Hello, truthdeleste
— Email from Tumblr
I didn’t ask you if you know him, I asked you if you read his book.
— Sid imitating his youngest son as a kid
Princeton is discontinuing its sprint football program.
— Princeton University status shared by Matthew Garvey
Alright boys, pack it up.
— Lily pretending to be among the bagpipers
I hired the swimming guy.
— Ken
You braved the rain.
— Guy from Better Being Underground
…into the concrete…
— Andrew Bird saying something stupid
Seaweed salad.
— Waiter accidentally giving us a second kelp salad at Jin Ramen
I’m just a robot, it’s my batteries.
— Lily on one more ice cream bite after watching Ex Machina
Alexa, is there a war?
— Lily
If you’re in a car.
— David Owen, “Where the River Runs Dry,” The New Yorker
You come here unannounced on the day my daughter is to be married?
— Mr. Big, Zootopia
— Spencer
Bread pudding.
We live in a culture that rewards jackhammers.
— Paul quoting Liz Gilbert on Good Morning America
Len met Jan in an elevator at the law firm, where he gallantly assisted her after her keys fell through a crack in the shaft. Jan was drawn to Len’s intellect, his handsome smile and his love of adventure.
Mix it all together and what’d ya got? Mix it all together with a COCO-MAT!
— Lily
Snapshots lack photography’s coding as “art,” a coding which puts people on guard for manipulation.
— Matthew Allen, “Screenshot Aesthetic,” MOS Selected Works
Without lamps, there’d be no light.
— Bender, The Breakfast Club
It’s like the Central Park of America!
— Lily on Kansas