Got a duck main course and it was dry and very small (which is ironic because ducks are big and swim!)
— One of Lily’s Yelp reviews
We're going to get a visit from the fire department.
— Disappointed building guy on intercom because other building guy’s radio was off
— Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dark Universe (watched with Kristin, Sarah, and her brother)
I don’t know if it was intended or a byproduct of the collage process that assembled her features, but there is something mysterious in Monique’s gaze. A Mona Lisa effect.
— Annabelle Gurwitch, “Annabelle Gurwitch on family — the one you’re born with, and the one on your book cover,” Los Angeles Times
Say what you will; I don’t mind it.
— Paul on a James Franco painting of a fat squirrel at TDC
How’s it going?
— Nico
— Unopened box of girl scout cookies we found on the street
A little pot of people.
— Charlotte on the 3 sisters sitting on an ottoman for a photo
Yo Bingo, we out.
— Lily as one chicken to another chicken
And what about these trucks? What do they do when no one is using them? What do they think about? Do they have families? Do they like the riverside?
— Lily singing while driving
I didn’t even know they were real! I just thought they were the thing on the quarters… If you kill one you get arrested. And they’re the mascot of our country. And I saw one.
— Lily on bald eagles
I’ve been going sandwich crazy.
— Lily on trying every sandwich from Joe’s
Talas book supplies.
— Pan
A Ben Denzer shirt.
— Jason
That sounds like a nice day.
— Martha
Thank you for bringing joy to the world.
— Woman on the street referring to 100 popsicles on top of a book
Maybe about twelve inches. But most of it’s beak.
— Gabriel Willow on the American woodcock (also known as the Timberdoodle)
I don’t want to make two of anything, that’s why I don’t make socks.
— Manuel Cuevas, “This Country Music Tailor Is Known As ‘The Rhinestone Rembrandt’,” NPR
Am I being too idealistic here?
— Lily on the phone with her dad
Too much time spent on nothin'
— “When I Grow Up,” First Aid Kit