Extreme specificity of small details to create an illusion of mythical proportions.
— Lois Zamora
Y’all are trespassin’ now. Illegally.
— Rat, Fantastic Mr. Fox
That’s amazing and wonderful.
— Doug Clark
I don’t think being nothing would be that bad.
— Kristin
That judgment seems to be the driving force behind the social organization of a variety of animals.
— Jame Gould, Ethology
I’ve never seen a turtle move before.
— Akshay
Let it be.
— Shaggy and The Beatles, “Let It Be Me”
An almost unlimited individual freedom.
— Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, “Berlin Modernism and the Architecture of the Metropolis"
You don’t miss anything. You’re not homesick. It puts you in this state.
— Don Draper, “The Doorway,” Mad Men
We’re all the same enough. And our small differences make us even more the same.
— Kristin Cotter
Assuming Newton’s laws and general relativity are correct.
— Neta Bahcall
If the human brain operates equivalently to a machine, then according to the Church-Turing thesis, the human brain would be no more powerful than a Turing machine. Hence, humans would be incapable of solving problems like the Halting problem.
— Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne, Introduction to Programming in Java
A man needs something to tell him, from time to time, that he is still himself.
— Konrad Lorenz, King Solomon’s Ring
Step into the elevator press three.
— Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, “Jimmy lovine - feat. Ab-Soul”
How does one give implicit worth to a product of time / matter / chance?
— Ravi Zacharias
Best play ever man.
— Mr. Little Jeans, Rushmore
Without producing anything more offensive than apocalyptic wallpaper.
— Dmitri Tymoczko
However, once these thoughts had started up in the vacuum they wouldn’t stop going round and round in my head, again and again, in ever-changing combinations, and they went on until I fell asleep.
— Stefan Zweig, Chess
Something to do with the essentials… that someone really feels spoken to. That someone who comes here takes away something that he or she can ponder over, and maybe reconsider.
— Truus Schröder in Alice T. Friedman, “Family Matters: The Schröder House, by Gerrit Rietveld and Truus Schröder,” Women and the Making of the Modern House: A Social and Architectural History
Maybe that’s not a technical term, but what ever it is, it is beautiful when you recognize it.
— Maddie Wilson, “I nurse, you nurse, we nurse,” The Daily Pennsylvanian