The right hemisphere behaves in the same way: it does not try to interpret its experience and find deeper meaning. It continues to live only in the thin moment of the present.
— Michael S. Gazzaniga, The Split Brain Revisited
I conceive a work of art to be really this: a made thing, more or less attractive, regarding which the casual observer may see a part, but no observer all, that is in it.
— Louis Sullivan, “Ornament in Architecture”
Oh. No, you’re right.
— Daniel, Love Actually
Extreme specificity of small details to create an illusion of mythical proportions.
— Lois Zamora
Y’all are trespassin’ now. Illegally.
— Rat, Fantastic Mr. Fox
That’s amazing and wonderful.
— Doug Clark
I don’t think being nothing would be that bad.
— Kristin
That judgment seems to be the driving force behind the social organization of a variety of animals.
— Jame Gould, Ethology
I’ve never seen a turtle move before.
— Akshay
Let it be.
— Shaggy and The Beatles, “Let It Be Me”
An almost unlimited individual freedom.
— Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, “Berlin Modernism and the Architecture of the Metropolis"
You don’t miss anything. You’re not homesick. It puts you in this state.
— Don Draper, “The Doorway,” Mad Men
We’re all the same enough. And our small differences make us even more the same.
— Kristin Cotter
Assuming Newton’s laws and general relativity are correct.
— Neta Bahcall
If the human brain operates equivalently to a machine, then according to the Church-Turing thesis, the human brain would be no more powerful than a Turing machine. Hence, humans would be incapable of solving problems like the Halting problem.
— Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne, Introduction to Programming in Java
A man needs something to tell him, from time to time, that he is still himself.
— Konrad Lorenz, King Solomon’s Ring
Step into the elevator press three.
— Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, “Jimmy lovine - feat. Ab-Soul”
How does one give implicit worth to a product of time / matter / chance?
— Ravi Zacharias
Best play ever man.
— Mr. Little Jeans, Rushmore
Without producing anything more offensive than apocalyptic wallpaper.
— Dmitri Tymoczko