There are a lot of hands in this world.
— Lily countering Sid's point that something is valuable because it is handmade
With no constraints he tended to ramble.
— John Lewis Gaddis, George F. Kennan: An American Life
Wow Connor, someone just let out a shriek for you.
— ASSSSCAT improviser to Connor Ratliff
I had a weird dream. First of all, it was an apartment without walls, so we had to make metaphorical walls by narrating everything we did.
— Lily
Survival of the fastest.
— Sid grabbing a plate to get the first piece of cake
They said that putting it on public view was part of a strategy to sell the specimen to a rich investor. “Mr. Detrich has tried to capitalize on the museum’s good faith by using the exhibition and scientific attention as selling points” on eBay, the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology said in a letter last week.
— Laura M. Holson, "He Listed a T. Rex Fossil on eBay for $2.95 Million. Scientists Weren’t Thrilled," The New York Times
We turn these pumpkins into Cinderellas overnight.
— Hank, "Season 2 Episode 3," Barry
We have to have our wits about us.
— Lily on us needing to eat something before we tour an apartment
Which Pete Buttigieg 2020 campaign logo "E" are you?
— Brian McMullen, @mcmubria
He continued, “What no one seems able to understand is why some narratives are chosen, and others aren’t.”
— Alexander Burns, "Pete Buttigieg’s Focus: Storytelling First. Policy Details Later," The New York Times
Kennan's Foreign Service colleagues suspected him, one of them recalled, of using his illnesses to get out of boring jobs and back in the center of things. Certainly he did not stop working—he simply shifted the nature of it.
— John Lewis Gaddis, George F. Kennan: An American Life
It’s possible that some biological change was to blame. But Dr. Basner noted that Mr. Kelly also faced a lot of demands back on Earth, including a busy schedule of television interviews and public speaking.
And on an unconscious level, he may no longer have been pushing himself. “I mean, he basically retired the moment he hit the ground, and so perhaps he just wasn’t as motivated any longer,” Dr. Basner said.
— Carl Zimmer, "Scott Kelly Spent a Year in Orbit. His Body Is Not Quite the Same," The New York Times
So conspicuously in love with one another.
— Sid
The key to the greatness of novelists, though, had always been their limitations: "They knew one thing—one country, at most—and were saturated with it."
— John Lewis Gaddis, George F. Kennan: An American Life
It’s probably the understatement of all time, but I have not rushed these books. They’ve taken the amount of time that’s necessary to show what I wanted to show. What would be the point of the books if I didn’t do them properly?
— Robert Caro, "Robert A. Caro on the means and ends of power," The New York Times Magazine
I was going to ask if you and Lily remember when he was like this as a kid, but I'm a little off on the geography.
— Sid on Ken
He's like an architect but instead of bricks he uses knick-knacks.
— Lily riffing, "mapping," on Wikipedia entry "Mark Manders is a Dutch artist. At first, he studied graphic design until age eighteen. He changed his mind and decided to be a writer but with objects instead of words."
We just go to eat and then walk around the Walmart.
— Cory, "Dega Don’t," Queer Eye
Feeling that the perception was as important as the reality.
— A. Scott Berg, Lindbergh
Is it still the art?
— Richard Minsky on Dieter Roth's cheese not being allowed to mold and rot in collections. Is it still his art or is it now the curators. He also commented on how the pieces were meant to degrade over a lifespan. Paraphrasing: "maybe they should have frozen him along with the work."