We don’t know why this genealogy stays.
— M.Arch. Student Juror
Desire precedes everything we do, right?
— Thom Mayne in conversation with Leebeus Woods, “Talking with Thom Mayne”
There are certain stories that begin in earnest only when they seem to reach an end.
— Alan Feuer, "The Secret Life of a Society Maven,“ The New York Times
Sat down helpless before a mechanical sequence.
— Henry Adams via The Tower and the Bridge
It’s an occupation that prolongs one’s life.
— Carlos Fuentes, Carlos Fuentes, Universal Writer
The champion of all Western liars.
— J. Frank Dobie via The Life And Adventures of James P. Beckwourth: Mountaineer, Scout, and Pioneer, and Chief of the Crow Nation of Indians
It’s still in the wall.
— Caroline Cassells Harris
To really absorb as much as she could.
— Chika Okeke-Agulu
It’s like a printer, it really doesn’t care.
— Sigrid Adriaenssens
Smithson argued for the equally positive value of each moment of the artistic process - a value that, if granted, would make it impossible to isolate the artistic process from the art object.
— Jennifer Roberts, Mirror Travels: Robert Smithson and History
Maybe you only live there for 10 minutes, but you live there.
— Lebbeus Woods via “Ever the Visionary, Lebbeus Woods Gets Real”
It sucks to be dead.
— Charlie Brandts
— BLDGBLOG, “Building in a Bottle”
It’s depressing and old but I like it.
— Kristin Cotter
Final review with Jeff would be like Godzilla.
— Michael Meredith
Well, wondering is part of the experience
— Martin Puryear via Martin Puryear/John Elderfield
What I’m focusing on now is discovering what is going to give the work validity on its own.
— Martin Puryear, Young American Artists via Martin Puryear/John Elderfield
I’m interested in making sculpture that tries to describe itself to the world, work that acknowledges its maker and that offers an experience that’s probably more tactile and sensate than strictly cerebral. And I’m not embarrassed if beauty is occasionally part of the experience, although I’m suspicious of easy beauty for its own sake.
— Martin Puryear, Martin Puryear/John Elderfield
One does not actually create the form; one lets it become.
— Heinz Isler via The Art of Structural Design: A Swiss Legacy
I keep track of myself.
— Richard Serra, Art 21