— Lawrence Weiner, Art-Rite #14
These kind of differences are normal and can serve as hints of your child's personality.
— American Academy of Pediatrics, Caring for Your Baby and Young Child
What bird comes next?
— A*
Just because the shopper involved was Warhol, with his past and baggage as an artist, that shopping had and has a different meaning than for other victims of the buying bug.
— Blake Gopnik, Warhol
My anxiety-relief thing, lately, has been drawing on photographs.
— @rick2243
The moment I thought I was dying I didn't feel fear, just loneliness.
— Salman Rushdie, The Telegraph Magazine cover via @roeethridge
While he was in the hospital he got Fred Hughes to save the stamps on all the random mail that arrived for a collection that could never have amounted to anything worth keeping. It still exists.
— Blake Gopnik, Warhol
He began filming in 1950, not yet sure what he wanted to achieve but committed to the act itself.
— Inesa Brašiškė, Lukas Brasiskis, and Kelly Taxter, "Introduction: Jonas Mekas Expanded," Jonas Mekas: The Camera Was Always Running
To all before whom this shall come. Be it known that I wrote this in Antwerp Belgium on Jan. 15. 1928. on my golden birthday. Sincerely yours, Joe Mikulec
— Joe Mikulec
To design a narrative of their own choosing.
— Angela*
Marjanović — a career 76.4 percent free-throw shooter — then purposefully missed the second to win fans in attendance free chicken.
— Kelly Iko, "Boban Marjanović intentionally misses free throw to give Clippers fans free chicken," The Athletic
On a basic level, everybody wants media coverage. Everyone likes to be on camera and get exposure for whatever they’re doing. Being a journalist and being almost like a portal for exposure for people allows you to be on the front row of everything that you want to be a part of. You get to be in the front row for history as it’s unfolding because everyone wants to be covered. Being a journalist gives you a ticket to everywhere that you want to go in life. It allows you to step into different realities almost and then go back to yours.
— Andrew Callaghan, "Andrew Callaghan: Channel 5, Gonzo, QAnon, O-Block, Politics & Alex Jones | Lex Fridman Podcast #425"
Warhol's life as art maneuver, or for that matter Boty's, can sound a bit like Duchamp's move with his urinal, taking non art and declaring it art. But there is one crucial difference. Warhol wasn't just declaring his persona to be a work of art by fiat. He was actually trying to turn it into one in the traditional modernist sense that he wanted it to be intriguing, strange, and unlike any other persona that was out there.
— Blake Gopnik, Warhol
In a rare moment of public self awareness, Warhol had once told the playwright Ronald Tavel that he couldn't allow himself camera movements of any kind because his contribution to film history was the static camera.
— Blake Gopnik, Warhol
What do you think this image is communicating?
New York Times "PIcture Prompts" article subheading
She said I'd found something.
— Paul Ramunni on deciding to stay in CT and open the New England Accordion Connection and Museum Company (probably paraphrased)
As you are now
So once was I
— Epitaph on grave of Zeruiah H Slebbins, who died March 7, 1787 aged 25 years
I hope it's born with eyes.
— E*
— Lily on the sand
Subway introduced its new deal, the $6 6-inch sandwich, a significant decrease in value from the previous $5 Footlong promotion.
— @starworldlab