He has a little sentence in Art History.
— Uriel on Richard Minsky
Did you think they were pork chops?
— Lily, I did but they were lamb chops
Think of it as an italic press.
— Richard Minsky on The Washington Press not being perfectly parallel to the wall
Goods that are not shared are not goods.
— Fortune
You gotta love it because you need to be steeped in it every day.
— Lauren Panepinto, TDC Book Night
He paused, walked briskly back to his car and turned off its blaring siren.
— Catherine Porter and Megan Specia, "When Toronto Suspect Said ‘Kill Me,’ an Officer Put Away His Gun," The New York Times
Use that one for my obit.
— Sid on his drivers licence photo
Carol's not Carol.
— Mike Daly, "For Better or for Worse," 60 Minutes
I'm not at Liberty to say.
— Lily's joke about Newark Liberty International Airport
Oh! What happened to the floor?
— Lily at the start of a hill in Central Park
Fishing tackle, and golf balls.
— David McCullough, Truman
So he wrote numbers with a Sharpie on the hermit crab shells so he could keep track of them.
— Zoe Chace, "642: The Impossible Dream," This American Life
It was about time for somebody else to swim for the family.
— George Marshall, Truman
They don't slip it in on the matzah. Do they?
— Sid on sugar
It is fun to be in the same decade with you.
— Roosevelt to Churchill, Truman
Coffee beans from Yemen with cream from updstate New York and Pennsylvania.
— Paraphrased comment from audience member
Who's anxious to be right.
— David McCullough, Truman
Famished and sleep deprived. That's basically it.
— IT Alex
Dear Ben,
We understand you want to put the paper book inside very much.
When you were just super horny in your dorm room and you accidentally brought about the end of modern democracy.
— Zuckerberg meme