Do you think you could weave a basket of asparagus and then cook it?
— Max
— John Silver, Treasure Planet
He want's you to hold it so that he can chew on it.
— Kaya to David on Hugo's toy
Brown E
— Mason's April Fools joke
Not every bidder’s motive was so high minded. Sterling Crispin, a researcher at Apple who moonlights as an NFT artist, said he had bid 4.125 Ether (about $6,700) on my token because he had a virtual show coming up, and he hoped that the bid would attract some publicity.
— Kevin Roose, "Why Did Someone Pay $560,000 for a Picture of My Column?," The New York Times
Skunk cabbage
— Eli's answer to a plant ID question
He wrote in his diary that same night: "the rapidity which which one can completely change one's ideas... and accommodate ourselves to a state of barbarism is wonderful."
— Alfred Lansing, Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage
Ritual is a machine for the destruction of time.
— @wechselmann
Given the length of this work, however, it may be safe to assume that any reader who has come this far must have found something of interst in the preceding pages.
— Norman Mailer, The Executioner's Song
His sons were actually the masters of Scandinavia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc
And they actually took the trouble of invading the British isles
Just to get back at him
You can’t do that these days
If somebody threw your or my father in a snake pit we wouldn’t be able to get more than 4 people in a boat
If that many
— Danny
Human goals.
— Alvaro
I quit clubhouse with a cause: it proves pure democracy is a fallacy
— @kennyschachter
And Schiller would answer that at this point in the realm of the United States, Gary Gilmore was making history. Fair or not, Benny Bushnell and his death never would.
— Norman Mailer, The Executioner's Song
They don't wrap fish in our work.
— Hugh Newell Jacobsen
I really do have the best ice cream flavor ideas. They're not at the top of my head but I know they're there.
— Lily
It's not just knowing what to tap, it's having the touch. And I don't have the touch.
— Sid (over Zoom) on touch screens
The same spirit that leads us to equally obsess over the family photographs of Orson Welles on vacation in the Alps and the most recent edition of a math textbook makes us ill-equipped for success in contemporary life.
— Jamie Vander Broek, "A Library Is For You," Radical Humility
This very much does not read as something that was meant to be put in a museum and last forever.
— Ben Davis, "I Looked Through All 5,000 Images in Beeple’s $69 Million Magnum Opus. What I Found Isn’t So Pretty," Artnet
All matter is decaying and prone to deteriorating, but I think that's what's so fascinating about the cheese book, is that it underscores that and makes the problem much more immediate.
— Julie, "Opening the Interactive Book," NYU*
Dennis had had this concept for years that the media was restless and didn't really want to be surfeited with handouts and crap. One honest man with no impediment between his impulses and his tounge could turn the world around.
— Norman Mailer, The Executioner's Song