Can you bring me my stethoscope? I want to listen to myself digest.
— Lily
The press was looking for portents—peering through the windows of the stationmaster's office and reporting the shapes of Eisenhower's doodles (a "heavy black square" with dark lines through it) as he spoke with Clay.
— John A. Farrell, Richard Nixon: The Life
Try to work and to create more than you consume.
— Ruxandra
And keep in mind, in the rainforest, there's no escalators. All right?
— Joe Exotic, Tiger King
Coughing that is directed at others is increasingly being treated as a type of assault in Europe and the United States.
— "In the age of coronavirus, coughing can be a crime," The New York Times
"That he continued to live and grow after his death in the hearts of men," Nixon wrote. "It may be true that the Resurrection story is a myth, but symbolically it teaches the great lesson that men who acheive the highest values in their lives may gain immortality."
— John A. Farrell, Richard Nixon: The Life
The Selective Service Act prohibited the use of draftees if it were not. After the marines were in place the State Department redefined the hemisphere to inlcude Iceland, and FDR pressed the American patrol zone one degree of longitude eastwawrd.
— Jean Edward Smith, FDR
In this nightmarish moment, we’re feeling warm and fuzzy about the cold and calculating Andrew Cuomo.
— Maureen Dowd, "Let’s ‘Kick Coronavirus’s Ass’," The New York Times
On a single day in April 1932, one fourth of the entire state of Mississippi went under the hammer of auctioneers at foreclosure sales.
— Jean Edward Smith, FDR
The minute it starts looking like art it competes with the art.
— Eric
You know what I want as a book? A brownstone book. Upper West Side please... Edition of three.
— Lily
Wondering how different our world would be if Isaac Newton had Animal Crossing New Horizons during the plague years.
— David Cramer on Facebook
"I sometimes think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not the bad luck of the early worm," he wrote an impetuous supporter in late 1919.
— Jean Edward Smith, FDR
I know when you started the 2019-20 academic year, you could not possibly have imagined we would find ourselves in the midst of one of the greatest challenges the world has faced since World War II.
— David Rhodes email to SVA's graduating class
In the West we have this idea that if something is historic we should be able to look at it.
— Joe Rogan, "Joe Rogan Experience #1442 - Shannon O'Loughlin"
Come and get it.
— Lily waiting for 'likes' after sending something
As always when diverging into a new course of experiment, he saw himself at the glorious end of it, rather than the fraught beginning.
— Edmund Morris, Edison
It was beyond even Bell's imagination that people would one day use his invention just to chat.
— Edmund Morris, Edison
In 1972 the molecular biologist Gunther Stent famously raised the question of "prematurity" in science—discoveries or theories too much in advance of contemporary knowledge to be explored seriously until years later.
— Edmund Morris, Edison
You tell the story of the current war you're in by talking about previous wars.
— Steve Bannon, American Dharma