Just be careful someone doesn't grab it and cook it.
— Emily on Lily's earrings that look like pasta
So you think they tried to find a bible verse with a higher number?
— David on the Jesus and Satan sneakers
I think it's to be as direct as possible both with youself and other people.
— Sondern
It’s probably the understatement of all time, but I have not rushed these books. They’ve taken the amount of time that’s necessary to show what I wanted to show. What would be the point of the books if I didn’t do them properly?
— Robert Caro, "Robert A. Caro on the means and ends of power," The New York Times Magazine
"Fact is, I like roads," he would say.
— David McCullough, Truman
Yo Bingo, we out.
— Lily as one chicken to another chicken
I hired the swimming guy.
— Ken
Nobody ever came in and said that the box had so much beauty that he just couldn’t resist buying it.
— Walter Paepcke, speech to the Art Directors Club of Chicago, 1936
But, Sir, with respect, she’s a vastly heavier ship. She’s out of our class. She could be halfway to Cape Horn by the time we’re repaired and under way.
— Sailing Master John Allen, Master and Commander
We’re all the same enough. And our small differences make us even more the same.
— Kristin Cotter
Well, wondering is part of the experience
— Martin Puryear via Martin Puryear/John Elderfield