Still remains.
— Simon & Garfunkel, “The Sound of Silence”
Maybe I should just go to the airport.
— Lily on something to do
Dinner party.
— Caresse
It's Sirius Black!
— Lily (out of nowhere) pointing to a black dog on street
I don’t believe in germs… I definitely don’t believe that your heart is in there beating all the time… going boom boom boom boom boom without you thinking about it. I think it’s all made up.
— Sid
Anytime for you.
— credit score at the breakfast sandwich cart
Do you want a fidget spinner?
— Courtney Maum
You have a wife like I did.
— Sid
There’s a cookie.
— Lily on a cookie at the bottom of a clear bag of pastries at the bottom of a large pile of discarded food from Eli’s on the sidewalk
Alexa, how much money is there in the world?
— Lily to Alexa
‘‘I would be sitting in here at night sometimes when the Voyager mission was flying,’’ Esker Davis, project manager for the Saturn encounter, told David W. Swift, who published an oral history of the mission in 1997, after Davis’s death. ‘‘And my wife would call up and ask what I was doing. I said, ‘Just watching pictures come in, being the first person to see this picture.’’’
— Kim Tingley, “The Loyal Engineers Steering NASA’s Voyager Probes Across the Universe,” The New York Times Magazine
That’s not what I was expecting either.
— Akshay
Ben Diesel.
— Henry
I’m a lover boy, and she’s calling me cute!
— Sid recollecting being upset that his middle school crush called him cute to his mom
Who moved his body
like a cannon ball.
— Oscar Isaac, Marcus Mumford, “Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)”
You’re not going to see a single store where you can buy a coffee or read the newspaper. They don’t want that, the rich people.
— Bike tour guide
— Rule from game post dinner
Wanna puff?
— Lily offering me her empty 16 Handles spoon
If he gives Heather a raise today I’m going to say something to him.
— Red hair slicked back Eric Trump esque guy on phone entering west side of Central Park around 72nd St at 8:28am
10 to 15 minutes.
— Magnolia Bakery lady on how long it would take for chocolate banana pudding