That means telling people you pooped yourself.
— Lily on airing dirty laundry
The real treasures.
— Sid on his collages of personal memorabilia
You get to live longer and be happier.
— Lily on fitness
If nothing’s happening by 2018, I’m 48, I go to Ukraine.
— Man on Amtrak talking through idea of mail order brides
Good job uncle Ben.
— Mason on LEGOs
Uncle Ben is tappin with his shoes!
— Mason
Not celebrating failure.
— Geoff's rule
You could have a career in this.
— Helen on voice direction (while filming RH labs videos)
The Nobel Prize for shoes!?
— Punch line of Sid the Kid's story
Double decker cubes.
— Paul Buckley
As far as I know, the string figures are the only universal thing other than singing.
— Harry Smith quoted by Rachel Wetzler in the New Museum
That was really emotional. Especially for me. Today’s my big day.
— Lily after watching Finding Dory and deciding to go to med school
Swiss cheese in your head!
— Acting teacher, Little Men
It’s good to get sucked in.
— Jason
Frozen Chai.
Sounds like kittens are running.
— Doc Watson, “Doc’s Guitar - Live”
Works all the time.
— Coworker about someone who takes a lot of freelance
I thought you were talking about the Middle Ages.
— Lily on “Mid Century”
You’re not leaving without stuffed animals. I don’t care.
— Carnival game operator
I think true wealth is being able to provide fresh fruit for your family.
— Lily