— Toad, Mario Kart
Goat cheese yogurt.
It is not only the final form which is esthetically very pleasing.
Berrocal Mini-David I
Which is like betting a dollar on The Price Is Right, you’re technically allowed to do it, but you know, fuck you.
— John Oliver, “Predatory Lending,” Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Frozen chai.
Maybe they’ve backfired.
— Dayton on opaqueness of lab information after animal rights lab raids.
I say that home is where I hang my hat.
— Johnny Cash, “Sing A Travelin’ Song”
In our desperate quest to create happy kids, we may be assuming the wrong world burden. It strikes me as a better goal… to focus on making productive kids, and moral kids, and to simply hope that happiness will come to them by virtue of the good that they do, and their accomplishments, and the love that they feel from us.
— Jennifer Senior, “Why is Parenthood Filled With So Much Anxiety?,” TED Radio Hour
Civic traditions.
— President Obama, “Exclusive Interview: Obama on the World,” The New York Times
They all fit together like a glove.
— Woman on F train on 44 books in bible
Down the highway.
— Paul Simon, “Graceland”
Number Ben.
— Stuart Kestenbaum
Proportion is in the eye of the beholder.
— Nanda
I’m shaking like a leaf right now.
— Nanda
You look like a character out of a book or a Wes Anderson movie.
— Jean
So I called up the captain.
— Eagles, “Hotel California”
It’s not what you can make it’s what you can fix.
— Nanda
There are parts of Italy where the punty-ing and curing of bread are done right on the altar.
— Wayne
Complementary umbrella.
— Wayne
— Wayne