He underwent long medical treatments and rehabilitation, but was left permanently disabled, unable to raise his arms over his head. Someone had to comb his hair.
— Robert D. McFadden, "John McCain, War Hero, Senator, Presidential Contender, Dies at 81," The New York Times
Cream Soda
— Remembering a nickname
(B)ridesmaids & Attendants, (I)ncredible Ehrsteins, (N)otable Memories, (G)roomsmen & Ushers, (O)utstanding Abitzes
— Aaron and Bailey
Or at least he was untill another Joe Russo declared his candidacy.
— David Nasaw, The Patriarch on Joseph Kennedy getting another Joe Russo to enter the race and split the Joe Russo vote
It's time to believe.
— Uriel on trusting a jig rather than eyeballing guide lines
"Apple sauce," his favorite nonexpletive term for bullshit.
— David Nasaw, The Patriarch
Did you ever hear of Walden 7?? I did'nt! But that's why I love instagram so much.
— @ilja60
Too well connected to the national media to have as an enemy.
— David Nasaw, The Patriarch
After all, that is the first requisite of a successful college education—learning how to meet people.
— Joseph P. Kennedy via David Nasaw, The Patriarch
That if he hadn't accomplish anything by forty, he was unlikely ever to acomplish anything.
— Robert Caro, Master of the Senate
Chocolate banana pudding.
— Jay
Deflatable book jacket
— @alfreemanjr
Looks like it's trying too hard.
— Darren on a comp
Instead, he encouraged viewers to adopt cats from a store in the East Village — and thereby become owners of a Bader sculpture.
— Nikil Saval, "Money for Sale, Heroin-Injected Lasagna: How One Artist Is Defining Our Era," The New York Times Style Magazine
I can't open my sardines.
— Lily doing improv on the couch
I've seen how that comment negatively impacts people.
— Lily (paraphrase)
And by the time you're 40 years old you have a wall full of coffee tables calculating you into traffic. Calculating you into your career choice.
— Kanye West, Jimmy Kimmel Live
But rather, “Partner, Partner, Partner."
— Bruce in an email
The buildup, the accrual.
— Reporter on aura of LBJ via Robert Caro, Master of the Senate
What does she keep dropping? My god!
— Sid after Lily dropped her keys, then her phone, then her phone again