I doubt he is, but were not going to test it.
— Linda on Henry's shelfish allergy
Edmundo es el BeBe. Edmundo es el BeBe. El bebe es el mundo. El bebe es el mundo.
— Lily
As Pablo once remarked, when you make a thing, it is so complicated making it that it is bound to be ugly, but those that do it after you they don't have to worry about making it and they can make it pretty, and so everybody can like it when the others make it.
— Gertrude Stein, The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
He underwent long medical treatments and rehabilitation, but was left permanently disabled, unable to raise his arms over his head. Someone had to comb his hair.
— Robert D. McFadden, "John McCain, War Hero, Senator, Presidential Contender, Dies at 81," The New York Times
Cream Soda
— Remembering a nickname
(B)ridesmaids & Attendants, (I)ncredible Ehrsteins, (N)otable Memories, (G)roomsmen & Ushers, (O)utstanding Abitzes
— Aaron and Bailey
Or at least he was untill another Joe Russo declared his candidacy.
— David Nasaw, The Patriarch on Joseph Kennedy getting another Joe Russo to enter the race and split the Joe Russo vote
It's time to believe.
— Uriel on trusting a jig rather than eyeballing guide lines
"Apple sauce," his favorite nonexpletive term for bullshit.
— David Nasaw, The Patriarch
Did you ever hear of Walden 7?? I did'nt! But that's why I love instagram so much.
— @ilja60
Too well connected to the national media to have as an enemy.
— David Nasaw, The Patriarch
After all, that is the first requisite of a successful college education—learning how to meet people.
— Joseph P. Kennedy via David Nasaw, The Patriarch
That if he hadn't accomplish anything by forty, he was unlikely ever to acomplish anything.
— Robert Caro, Master of the Senate
Chocolate banana pudding.
— Jay
Deflatable book jacket
— @alfreemanjr
Looks like it's trying too hard.
— Darren on a comp
Instead, he encouraged viewers to adopt cats from a store in the East Village — and thereby become owners of a Bader sculpture.
— Nikil Saval, "Money for Sale, Heroin-Injected Lasagna: How One Artist Is Defining Our Era," The New York Times Style Magazine
I can't open my sardines.
— Lily doing improv on the couch
I've seen how that comment negatively impacts people.
— Lily (paraphrase)
And by the time you're 40 years old you have a wall full of coffee tables calculating you into traffic. Calculating you into your career choice.
— Kanye West, Jimmy Kimmel Live