He is going to finish the Big Hike in 1920, and then he is going to settle down and write a book of everything and everybody he has seen—a "regular" book of travels. He has letters from churches, universities and schools to show that he has delivered some excellent lectures about people and customs of the earth. That is one way he manages to keep the wolf away.
— "Slav Is Walking To Write A Book," Arkansas Democrat, Wed, Sep 6, 1916
It would be easy to blame bad distribution or a poor release date, he told The Hollywood Reporter, but "obviously, the picture was not in tune with our audience completely, or they would have found us wherever we were."
— Brian Jay Jones, Jim Henson: The Biography
A zoo in China is denying claims that its rare Sun Bear is just a human in a bear costume
— @fuckjerry
One of our own film critics, Bilge Ebiri, has seen the 2021 Peter Dinklage-staring musical Cyrano at least nine times. He's seen Oppenheimer, released one week ago, sevent times — so far. His rewatching method began as a teen with VHS. "Movies have always felt closer to music to me than to books or plays," Bilge says. "How can you love something and only ever want to experience it once?"
— @nymag
One of my favorite things is calling bird's beaks mouths.
— Lily
“The artist,” he writes in one of the most frequently quoted passages, “usually sets out — or used to — to point a moral and adorn a tale. The tale, however, points the other way, as a rule. Two blankly opposing morals, the artist’s and the tale’s. Never trust the artist. Trust the tale.”
— A.O. Scott, "Nobody Ever Read American Literature Like This Guy Did," The New York Times
Cora's juice.
— Cora
He's funny mama.
— Cora
Here is how books work:
Everything the words say, the person reading the book has to say.
No matter what.
— B. J. Novak, The Book With No Pictures
I used to always think in terms of having two careers going, two threads that I was working with at the same time," Jim said later. "One was accepted by the audience and was successful, and that was the Muppets. The other [experimental films] was something I was very interested in and enjoyed. It didn't have that commercial success, but that didn't particularly frustrate me because I enjoyed it."
— Brian Jay Jones, Jim Henson: The Biography
The trick, he said, was to "try out whole new directions. There are many ways of doing something. Look for what no one has tried before."
— Brian Jay Jones, Jim Henson: The Biography
Aging gave him a license to let down his guard, to compose and publish poetry, to reminisce, to allow elements of playfulness and sentimentality to enter his writing.
— David Nasaw, The Chief: The Life of William Randolph Hearst
After taking off her shoes to enter, the first thing Ms. Belle noticed about Ms. Ono’s apartment was “how high the ceilings and how wide the hallways were. You could drive a car through those hallways.”
— Anna Kodé, "Yoko Ono and the Dakota," The New York Times
— @depthsofwikipedia
this book went on a side quest about evalyn walsh mclean so i decided to as well
— @byrdest
A chicken can be hypnotized, or put into a trance, with its head down near the ground, by drawing a line along the ground with a stick or a finger, starting at the beak and extending straight outward in front of the chicken. If the chicken is hypnotized in this manner, it will continue to stare at the line, remaining immobile for as long as 30 minutes.
— "Chicken hypnotism," Wikipedia
Though we might enclose our heart within a text, we cannot know entirely that it is our heart a reader will find.
— David Allen White, "Love Lines: A suggestion on some letters of the Yukaghir," Cabinet Magazine
I'm just the person putting the hot dog on your plate. I didn't raise the meat. You gotta talk to the farmer.
— Lily*
It takes so much maturity to taste the difference between these two.
— Sid really enjoying Breyers French Vanilla and Oberweis Vanilla
— Mural