This is why it was noteworthy that someone scrubbed the child molestation conviction from James Stacy’s Wikipedia page RIGHT before Once Upon a Times in Hollywood came out. For many people, googling all the real-life people after seeing OUATIH is all they’ll ever know about Stacy
— @scottmeslow
You know, I hate to go to bed at night feeling I have done nothing useful in the day. It is the same feeling as if you had gone to bed without brushing your teeth.
— Winston Churchill, via Boris Johnson, The Churchill Factor
He knew what all sensible Tories know—that the only way to keep things the same is to make sure you change them.
— Boris Johnson, The Churchill Factor
I'm as real as a donut, motherfucker.
— Tex, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
But above all to the person who chronicled his deeds most lovingly and faithfully: himself. Whatever Chirchill said or did, he had an eye, like Julias Cesar, to the way he would report it.
— Boris Johnson, The Churchill Factor
Charles Baudelaire defined the materialist as someone who was obsessed with utensils and afraid of perfume. Because perfume, you can't touch but it's as real as a heart attack.
— Dr. Cornel West, "Joe Rogan Experience #1325 - Dr. Cornel West"
All lots are now sold with perpetual care.
— Timeline at Mount Auburn Cemetery
Did your delivery team place a red mat at your entrance?
— MattressFirm Home Delivery Satisfaction Questionaire
Freelance Test Rat
New Yorker cartoon Lily cut out for me
Grandpa Paul, why do bananas have peels on them?
— Mason
Netflix is carrying billions in long-term and short-term debt. Investors have largely overlooked the company’s ballooning debt load, preferring to focus on its subscriber growth as an indicator of future profitability.
— David Ng,"Report: Netflix Spends $500M for Just 3 Movies as Streaming Competition Heats Up," Breitbart
It might have been an attempt to change the Google search results people recieve when they look for something like "Boris Johnson Bus." Meaning that people would see that delightful clip, rather than this significantly less delightful bullshit.
— John Oliver, "Boris Johnson," Last Week Tonight
Like it didn't occur to me that I was in the world. I just thought I was a spectator.
— Lily on her childhood
Weird Al was really central to me.
— Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend"
Earnest political gestures at art museums can look flimsy, like a game inside a game.
— Sebastian Smee, "Can artists right the ills of an unjust world by staging museum protests?," The Washigton Post, via @linnpress
Why Advertise on Menus?
Everybody Eats!
— Menu King Menu
And anyway, what's the difference?
— Lily on if rocks and water have been there since the beginning of time
"Why not?" It happens because people usually mark religious events that are important to them by getting together with relatives, and it is very difficult in this world to get a whole bunch of relatives together, whether you are living in some village in Laos or in Manhattan, without giving them something to eat.
— Anne Fadiman on a conversation with Eric Crystal, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
The air in the beach balls is from 1905.
— Museum explainer on the wing float beach balls in the Spruce Goose at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum
You know what it reminded me of? When you pick up a rock and there's a bunch of bugs under there and the're a little caught off guard.
— Lily on a stroller with 3 mini greyhounds inside