In thinking of how to counteract Turkey's blanket silence on the Arab Revolt in its early days, Storrs had struck upon the idea of issuing "Republic of Hejaz" postage stamps, a cheap and effective way to prove to the outside world that a break had occured... Storrs had then enlisted the help of his most learned Arabist friend, Lawrence, and the two spent a leisurely afternoon wandering the Arab Museum in Cairo selecting suitable motifs.
— Scott Anderson, Lawrence in Arabia
Say hi to the peoples that's gone.
— Will Smith as Richard Williams, King Richard
Aquaculture '22
Sustainable Oyster Farmer
— University of New England advertisement at Back Bay station
The proposed legislation, which is expected to become law next year, would leave current smokers free to continue buying cigarettes. But it would gradually raise the smoking age, year by year, until it covers the entire population.
— Natasha Frost, "New Zealand Plans to Eventually Ban All Cigarette Sales," The New York Times
— Relief sculpture on Perkins Hall
Pointing to the ways that American and other Western societies have been torn by political, social and racial divisions and hobbled by the coronavirus pandemic, China is also arguing that its form of governance has been more effective in creating prosperity and stability.
— Keith Bradsher and Steven Lee Myers, "Ahead of Biden’s Democracy Summit, China Says: We’re Also a Democracy," The New York Times
I know how.
— Lily on how to cool down her computer.
The Bronze Age in Britain lasted from 2,300 B.C. to 800 B.C., during a period referred to as prehistoric England, before there were written records.
— Jenny Gross, "English Teenager Finds Bronze Age Ax Using a Metal Detector," The New York Times
This data is a strong signal to make an effort to add far less emoji – especially specific, single-use types like flags and ferrets – and recommend more emoji that deliver on our established strategy.
— @jenniferxdaniel
By happy coincidence, however, Zin also figured prominently in the biblical Book of Exodus, the region that Moses and the Israelites passed through at the end of their forty-year flight out of Egypt. This provided a handy theological and historical explanation for why a Christian nation might want to explore the reigion, and when the British tried this tack on Constantinople—repackaging their earlier offer so that it was now to be an archaeological survey of biblical sites under the auspices of the respected Palestine Exploration Fund—the ploy actually worked.
— Scott Anderson, Lawrence in Arabia
He didn't like what he felt
He got out of there rl fast
— Lily after I texted her a photo of pigeon footprints in concrete on a platform at Providence train station
1 hr till bingo
— Lily
Of course, there is nothing more endearing than attention.
— Scott Anderson, Lawrence in Arabia
"The buildings I try to describe will last longer than we will, so it is only fitting that they should have the greater space." True to his word, Lawrence spent the rest of that letter imparting absolutely no information about himself.
— Scott Anderson, Lawrence in Arabia
Faced with his inability to produce new work, Wilde began to elaborate a philosophy of failure. He claimed that artists might be sucessful 'incidentally' but 'never intentionally': "If they are, they remain incomplete. The artist's mission is to live the complete life: success, as an episode (which is all it can be); failure, as the real, the final end.
— Matthew Sturgis, Oscar Wilde
Experts say the cyberattacks on softer civilian targets could be the start of a new phase in the conflict. Lotem Finkelstein, head of intelligence at Check Point, a cybersecurity company, said that Iranian hackers had “identified a failure in Israeli understanding” about cyber conflict. They realized that “they do not need to attack a government agency, which is much more protected,” but could easily attack small, private companies, with less sophisticated security, “that control enormous amounts of information, including financial or intimate personal information about many citizens.”
— Farnaz Fassihi and Ronen Bergman, "Israel and Iran Broaden Cyberwar to Attack Civilian Targets," The New York Times
To literal memes being put on the engines, SpaceX lavishes in giving these parts at Starbase personality.
— Marcus House, "SpaceX Starbase and Stage Zero! How close are we to Starship Orbital Flight Test?," showing images of pictoral name tags on engines
Of course, it's like entering a hall of mirrors. And some of them are concave, and some are convex, and there are no flat mirrors... I think it's an enormous mistake to look at the past as a series of solid rocks that was definitely there.
— Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, "Caligula's Gardens," 60 Minutes responding to Anderson Cooper's comment "Long after the assassination itself, some historians believe Caligula's enemies assassinated his memory. There's a number of contemporary scholars who have argued that Caligula's critics distorted his memory, that they have falsely made him out to be far worse than he was."
I see a paint roller but it's being used for spaghetti.
— Lily before she goes to bed
welcome to debugging lol
— Eric