I got to recognize that people hate to be saved.
— One of only two lines underlined in Ronald Reagan, Where's The Rest of Me
Does This Look Right to You? HOLLA🎄D TONNEL
New York Times headline
That Joyce at last acheived his old ambition, of obtaining a famous verdict.
— Richard Ellmann, James Joyce: Revised Edition on United States v. One Book Called Ulysses
Our Time on Earth May Be Marked by Chicken Bones: With 65 billion chickens consumed each year, the signature fossil of the modern epoch may be the leftovers.
New York Times headline
I think your medium is social systems. Or groups. Or clubs.
— David
Hank Wiggen peed on me, what do you think these pants are worth on eBay?
— House, "Sports Medicine," House
He asked him, "do you wish to paint me or my name?"
— Richard Ellmann, James Joyce: Revised Edition
I have your idea.
— Lily with a good idea
It's like a Paul Hollywood handshake everytime I see you take out your phone to write it down.
— Lily as I was writing down her quote "You can't say you never did anything" after I showed her $192 books spreadsheet
At Walker’s Point
— George W. Bush, Eulogy for George H.W. Bush
I suggest that largish blank spaces be left where passages are cut out. Then the excisions can be manifolded (not carbon copies, but another process by typewritter on good paper, and if necessary I will paste them in myself.
— Ezra Pound to Harriet Weaver on scheme to get around sensors via James Joyce: Revised Edition
Trump uses a really unfortunate phrase while hailing progress with China.
Washington Post headline on Trump's tweet: "Relations with China have taken a BIG leap forward!"
Does this place have a mascot yet?
— Lily on The Center For Book Arts
I thought you're not allowed to have pet ducks in New York?
— Lily on a group of drunk girls
I think sculpture is going to be replaced by computers too. Oh wait, we don't need 'em.
— Lily
As we get older, that car becomes cool.
— Dale Earnhardt Jr., "Joe Rogan Experience #1196 - Dale Earnhardt Jr."
As a kind of product version of clickbait. After all, what is the experience of clickbait other than realizing we have vastly overpaid, even if only with our attnetion? News, information and products are simply someone's inventory.
— Jenny Odell, "A Business With No End," The New York Times
At the age of 21, Joyce found he could become an artist by writing about the process of becoming an artist. His life legitimized his portrait by supplying the sitter while the portrait vindicated the sitter by its evident admiration for him.
— Richard Ellmann, James Joyce: Revised Edition
We all had to wear these special pijamas with no pockets so we couldn't steal anything.
— Bill Whitaker, 60 Minutes
What time were you born?
— Justin J Wee before reading my Cafe Astrology birth chart