I know more than I need to.
Y'all are amateurs. I can tell.
— Ms. Pat
If you go north on the earth, you eventually go south, but if you go west, you never stop going west.
— Akshay
Cold be heart and hand and bone.
— Gollum, Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
Alpha, step.
Omega, step.
Kappa, step.
Sigma, step.
— Kanye West, “School Spirit”
Like Jonny Quest and Hadji!
— Myron, Jingle All The Way
Pretty freakin cool.
— John Hunter
And that is a profound difference between the sciences and the arts.
— Alan Lightman, “Yellow Fluff and Other Curious Encounters,” Radiolab
Art is a proposition.
— Joe Scanlan
I’m now the proud owner of a jigsaw.
— Jessie
Toe to toe.
— alt-J, “Breezeblocks”
Turn it up? That’s such a dad thing.
— Jose
There’s a human soul trapped in my couch.
— Nick
He kept saying things like, ‘You’ve got to paint me on the jump.’
— Harold Holzer, “The Interminable, Everlasting Lincolns (Part 1)”
And what’s amazing — when Lincoln was standing there, there were light waves shooting out at 186,000 miles per second, hitting that collodion plate — that emulsion was made directly from him. I mean, that’s incredible.
— Keya Morgan, “The Interminable, Everlasting Lincolns (Part 2)”
And just listen to yourself, as usual, as you speak.
— Paul Muldoon
Good architecture should always be applauded.
— Kracklite, The Belly of an Architect
White must be whiter than white, and to achieve that, colour must be added.
— David Batchelor, Chromophobia
How’s that bricklayin’ comin’?
— The Head And The Heart, “Lost in My Mind”
to accept
the becoming
— A.R. Ammons, “Corsons Inlet”