The board, the smaller and more powerful of two governing boards at Harvard, dates back to 1650, making it the oldest corporation in the Western Hemisphere, according to the university.
— Colbi Edmonds, "Who Are the Members of the Harvard Corporation?," The New York Times
In competition with Henry Ford's Blacksmith Shop which had 4 sides and 4 corners, David Boothe designed this Blacksmith Shop with 44 sides and 44 corners. He offered $5.00 to anyone who found something missing and he never had to pay up. It houses blacksmithing tools.
— Plaque, "BLACKSMITH SHOP circa 1935"
Dr. Gay appeared to borrow exact phrases from the acknowledgments section of another author’s book to thank her mentor and family in the acknowledgments section of her own dissertation.
— Sarah Mervosh, Dana Goldstein, Jennifer Schuessler and Anemona Hartocollis," Debate Over Plagiarism Allegations Against Claudine Gay Adds to Pressures at Harvard," The New York Times
The joy of the find. Does it ever cease?
— Label in Rutgers Geology Museum
I have a defect of a sort which I think is not common; certainly I hope it isn't: it is rare that I can call before my mind's eye the form and face of either friend or enemy.
— Mark Twain, Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 2
You can use them only one at a time and you don't know which one to choose out of the twenty—still you must choose; there is no help for it; and you choose with the understanding that the nineteen left over are probably left over for good and lost, since they may never suggest themselves again.
— Mark Twain, Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 2
I only miss school because it's the only place you get to make whatever pops into your head and ppl have to respond to it
when u leave that safety bubble and go out into the #realworld art gets ruined for u bc now it's not fun anymore (in public that is)
— @qualeasha
And so the clock, in a way, it’s an art project, it’s a symbol. And if it ever has any power to influence people to think longer term, that won’t happen for hundreds of years, but we are going to build it now and let it accrue the patina of age.
— Jeff Bezos on the 10,000-Year Clock, "Jeff Bezos: Amazon and Blue Origin | Lex Fridman Podcast #405"
That is weird man. You are weird! You are weird! I'm posting your photo online.
— Scarily agressive man (on sardine packed CTA Holiday Train as we pulled into the O'Hare stop) who was stairing angrily at me and then took my photo becuase he thought I was looking at my neighboor's phone screen.
Here's how the "Ship of Theseus" page looked in July 2003 when it was created! Since then, the article has been edited 1792 times. 0% of its original phrases remain
— @depthsofwikipedia
They can be machines for narrative.
— Presenter notes
A thousand years from now there will still be whole libraries about the destruction of San Francisco. There will still be acres of pictures—photographic and authentic—illustrating the disaster. I recognize that I can quite safely leave San Francisco out of this book, and that is what I shall do.
— Mark Twain, Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 2
The very reason that I speak from the grave is that I want the satisfaction of sometimes saying everything that is in me instead of bottling the pleasantest of it up for home consumption
— Mark Twain, Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 2
wrote on christmas wall
— Lily text
One object could be a one-off and random. And then you have more than one identical object. That’s interesting... Two of a thing is super important.
— Lee Cronin, "Lee Cronin: Controversial Nature Paper on Evolution of Life and Universe | Lex Fridman Podcast #404"
Actually, when you add it up, there's not much that I've created... I mean when you add it up, it's not a very long list
— Bradley Cooper, Maestro
Most things that are said have been said before. In fact all things that are said have been said before. Moreover they have been said many millions of times. This is a sad thing for the human race that sits up nine nights in the week to admire its own originality.
— Mark Twain, Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 2
If the pace keeps up, he is expected to dwarf his congressional salary in just a few hours of work in total.
— Matt Stieb, "George Santos Is Making a Dumb Amount of Money Off Cameo," New York Magazine
No longer does the cartoonist have to wait on the whims of an established publisher to make a cultural impact. Through a few incremental releases they can leave a wide lasting oeuvre in ink and paper published and spread about by themselves. In a way once thought impossible just fifteen years ago. While this work may not look "professional" at first, through repeated attempts the work will gain legitimacy and at a point feel just as polished as any release from an established publisher.
— George Olsen, CLAMP 5
I love the trend of brand pages being from the perspective of the social media managers and not from the perspective of the brands themselves
— @itsnoahkram comment on @pizzahut video of a screen recording of person frantically making a @pizzahut post that looks like Spotify wrapped, via @aarmanroy