Most of what was paradoxical in the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright came from the same tension in relation to the nature that inspired his work to begin with. For it was not an easy project to emulate the high level of aesthetic organization in nature or to seek through geometric abstraction a reconstitution, or analogue, of the landscape.
— Donald Hoffmann, Understanding Frank Lloyd Wright’s Architecture
You hide from yourself.
— Joy, Joy
What is whole?
— Lily
I could work; but why risk ruining my nails.
— nail file matchbook
39, 40, 41, 42. Forty-two rows over here too! Same as over there!
— Grandpa Paul
I don’t know why, but I thought of the house as a carcass, the innards are the meat to be divided up.
— Lily
*BB8 lighter thumbs up*
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
— Mason
What do you tell someone? Do the best you can and we’ll see what happens the next time I see ya…
— grown up Bobby D
Chinese lobster guy?
— Dave on “It’s a trap!”
I drink to the landlady
Whose husband died
Of cancer.
She keeps one room clear
Of tenants,
And in that room she draws delicate
Studies of toads
That lick flies from the air
For food.
— C. G. Hanzlicek, “A Toast for the New Year,” Living It In
Gary Fisher
— Sarah
And your mother, who is she and who would you like her to be?
— Weird question by potential suitor to woman’s daughter.
My tire’s stiff.
— Jay after doing a bad turn in his minivan
“To staff the president and first lady at the holiday photo line is to observe humanity in its most awkward state,” said Bill Burton, a former top press official in Mr. Obama’s White House.
— Julie Hirschfeld Davis, “The White House Holiday Photo Line: A Tradition of Awkwardness,” The New York Times
Like most people have that amount of money?
— Small boy’s follow up question to “How much money do you and mommy have?”
And count the coyotes
Coming down the hill
To drink
Coyote 1 Coyote 2
— C. G. Hanzlicek, “What I Want Is,” Living It In
Our faces are just like muffin tins because they’re sitting and they’re ready to make shapes.
— Lily between a nap on the couch and sleep in the bed
Are you happy with it?
— Jason