Why had the Indians made a point of taking the Bible? According to Goodnight, Comanche shields, made of two layers of the toughest rawhide from the neck of a buffallo and harden in fire, were almost invulnerable to bullets when stuffed with paper. When Comanches robbed houses they invariably took all the books they could find.
— S. C. Gwynne, Empire of the Summer Moon
Optics is everything, it's all one big PR campaign.
— Amtrak conductor to a new conductor, explaining how he handled a rude passenger
This project is too big for anyone to care about anything.
— Eve*
Do you want an espresso?
— Martha
And you are the very first human being I am calling.
— Voicemail on Sid's machine (potentially paraphrased)*
Dad does your eliptical turn on anymore or no?
— Lily
I wonder if it was the same four.
— Adam Driver to son on if they cried at the same 4 moments during the movie, Marriage Story
You know that the Dalai Lama is obsessed with watches?
— Caroline
It's vanilla scented.
— Kelly on baby toy
Some were practically naked, their clothes and underwear devoured by termites.
— Edmund Morris, Colonel Roosevelt
You never know what turns people on.
— Sid on Lily banging my arm to find my reflex then giving me a kiss
Take the thinking from these objects.
— Alexander Tochilovsky
When I'm not reading that means I'm looking at the pictures.
— Mason reading me Go, Dog. Go!
"One thing I want now is privacy," he told a New York Times reporter. "I want to close up like a native oyster."
— Edmund Morris, Colonel Roosevelt
And he thought you were just finer than frog fur.
— Matt Damon, Ford v Ferrari
What's a bug doing out today?
— Sue seeing a bug on the car window
Where you put your head at night determines so many things about your life.
— Tom Steyer
By declaring that mere markers, the product of imagination alone, would be the medium of exchange and store of value.
— T. J. Stiles, The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt
— Samir Mezrahi, "Tips From a Memelord," The New York Times Magazine
I only read it if it's along the edge, it's easier for my eyes to get to.
— Lily on paragraphs