There is no "explanation" whatever of the fact that I can make arbitrary sounds which will lead a total stranger to think my own thought. It is sheer magic that I should be able to hold a one-sided conversation by means of black marks on paper with an unkown person half-way across the world.
— Beatrice Warde, “The Crystal Goblet”
He sent Hayes a gold ring into which he had cast a strand of hair from the head of George Washington, a relic he had obtained from the son of Alexander Hamilton.
— John Taliaferro, All the Great Prizes: The Life of John Hay, from Lincoln to Roosevelt
An endowment.
— M*
It's like taking a monkey into a banana shop.
It's like taking an elephant into a peanut shop.
It's like taking a dog into a bone shop.
It's like taking a snail into a lettuce shop.
It's like taking a moth into a sweater shop.
— Lily on me in The Met looking at things
It's nice to be validated every once in a while.
— Woman "validating" boarding passes before we got on the plane
What's your money tied up in?
— Grand Band money clip at The Golden Bear
I'd do everything in brown.
— K on a batchelor pad*
If you need it, you can buy it, that's the beauty of America.
— E's philosophy*
Diverting to Denver.
— Pilot
For no one knew better than he—the voracious reader of Charles Dickens, George Eliot, and Victor Hugo—that these novelistic entries would wind up being historically resonant.
— John Taliaferro, All the Great Prizes: The Life of John Hay, from Lincoln to Roosevelt
Events Are the New Magazines.
The New York Times
It's funny that they give the park a whole salt rub when it's going to be cold... they should call it Central pork... I feel like I'm at a new American restaurant.
— Lily on Central Park
Lincoln's coattails spared him.
— John Taliaferro, All the Great Prizes: The Life of John Hay, from Lincoln to Roosevelt
And what we call a gothic A was for Pyson simply A.
— Eric Gill, An essay on typography
It enabled us to go back to the point of construction, and essentially, through our imagery archive, to rebuild the house. So, we could see how the first floor was designed and how the rooms would lay out, where are the stairs from the first to the second floor, and the second to the third floor.
— Robert Cardillo, "Private company launches "largest fleet of satellites in human history" to photograph Earth," 60 Minutes
Tests of new versions of the computer were hamstrung because a 20-employee machine shop that Apple’s manufacturing contractor was relying on could produce at most 1,000 screws a day.
— Jack Nicas, "A Tiny Screw Shows Why iPhones Won’t Be ‘Assembled in U.S.A," The New York Times
The designer of letters... participates just as creatively in shaping the style of his time as the architect or poet.
— Jan Tschichold, Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering
*Girl to friend putting on black press-on nails
"Do you like press-on?"
"No, but AOC tweeted last week about how she was putting on black press-on nails on a train from DC to New York. So I went and bought some. It's the first time I understood how influencers make money."
— @ocasio2018 reposting @overheardnewyork
As Stone puts it in one of the many rules he lives by, “He who speaks first, loses.”
— Jeffrey Toobin, "The Dirty Trickster," The New Yorker
At the time I started, there were already seven biographies of Johnson in print.
— Robert Caro, "The Secrets of Lyndon Johnson’s Archives," The New Yorker, read by Grover Gardner