Did I finish it?
— Lily half asleep after getting to page 8 in a book
It's like a birdwatching but someone made the bird.
— Lily on Fashion Week
To try to weave them into something that means something in the language of art history.
— Kehinde Wiley, Obama Portrait Unveiling
If you look at a circle at an angle is it a perfect ellipse?
— Dillon on lamp
Based on irony-free, wildly contradictory, totally true interviews.
— Opening title, I, Tonya
Know your shit.
— Henry via Milton Glaser
I'm betwixt and between.
— Larry David, "Foisted!," Curb Your Enthusiasm
Races are exciting.
— Elon Musk via "Falcon Heavy, in a Roar of Thunder, Carries SpaceX’s Ambition Into Orbit," The New York TImes
When he said that some evolving process had taken place, for example, from "1750 to 1770"—he would present the dates, as he and his Precambrian colleagues almost always do, in everyday sequence from the smaller to the larger number. Tripping on his own humanity, he was reversing the arrow of time.
— John McPhee, Annals of the Former World
I never been run so far.
— Milky Chance, "Running"
The man in there does my taxes.
— Lily on the Empire State Building
You've never had fried olives?
— Lily
The only thing I like about oranges is the lid.
— Scooty, The Florida Project
She noted his developing sense of scale when he said to her, "A coyote is the whole world to a flea."
— John McPhee, Annals of the Former World
Imagine a duck but its wings are hinges onto him so he can flap. You know like layers. But it's cheese graters of different shapes so you can cut cheese. But it's a duck.
— Lily back to seeing things when she closes her eyes before falling asleep
He basically educated me so he could talk to me.
— Philip Glass on Richard Serra, Charlie Rose
“I have a category that almost no one collects, which is superlatives— ‘the biggest,’ ‘the smallest,’ ‘the newest,’ ‘the oldest,’ ‘the most expensive,’ ‘the most beautiful,’ et cetera,” said Ms. Stern.
— Annie Correal, "Postcard People," The New York Times
— Media kids
Cheddar biscuit egg sandwich.
— Fort Defiance menu
You're lucky I even remember it's Verdi.
— Sid