I remember rocks you pick up outside that, once inside, you wonder why.
— Joe Brainard, I Remember
It’s like castration by wind.
— Injee
It’s just a bird, but holds toothbrushes.
— Lily
Mr. Carr collapsed in the Times newsroom, where he was found shortly before 9 p.m.
— Bruce Weber and Ashley Southall, "David Carr, Times Critic and Champion of Media, Dies at 58.“ The New York Times
The Office of Design and Construction conducted a survey over the summer that entailed identifying, mapping and photographing every single-occupant bathroom on campus, St. Mauro said.
— Corinne Lowe, “U. expands on gender-neutral bathroom plans,” The Daily Princetonian
I remember when I worked in an antique-junk shop and I sold everything cheaper than I was supposed to.
— Joe Brainard, I Remember
It’s useful to note that Mr. Williams initially reported the story fundamentally as it had happened.
— David Carr, “Brian Williams, Retreading Memories From a Perch Too Public,” The New York Times
In a somewhat similar vein, the company persuaded a cake-mix maker to change an “easy” tear-off tab on its box to one needing 3-lb. pressure. Research had indicated that some housewives feel guilty at using pre-mixed food, and salve their conscious by working harder to open the package.
Business Week, Aug. 2, 1958, “Packaging With the Stress on Design”
Inside a hexagonal building in the midst of an alfalfa field 7,000 ft. above sea level, they met twice daily.
— “Adventure at Aspen,” TIME, July 15, 1957
Cervantes used to say of himself that he should also be admired for what he didn’t write.
— Henri Lefebvre, The Missing Pieces
How curious, a bird in clothes!
— Lily
I don’t trust animals that don’t make noise. Fish? That’s fuckin scary.
— Caleb
It’s a good thing pistachios are good. Otherwise no one would eat them.
— David White
It’s making me have bad memories, and I want to have good memories.
— Parker, “American Football,” Radiolab
Another sacrifice, said Stephan Guenther, 46, a flight instructor and software developer in Cologne, Germany, and a Mars One semifinalist, would be the sound of silence. “There will always be some sound in the background, because the life support systems have to run,” he said.
— Natalie Angier, “A One-Way Trip to Mars? Many Would Sign Up,” The New York Times
House of Cards
Oh god bless ‘em. He’s eating his pajamas!
Dear Mr. Paepcke: How very kind of you to refuse to accept my resignation.
— Philip Johnson, May 12, 1959
When I spoke to Mr. Schniewind Saturday about inviting Giedion to write an introduction he was really disturbed. Schniewind said he would be very frank. Much to my surprise he said Giedion is a “phony”.
— Egbert Jacobson, March 12, 1945
I could get you a stool.
— Librarian