He thinks that all books are poems. He’ll pull a cookbook and be like “Papa read poems.”
— Michael Dickman
My reception is on Thursday and I’ve spent a bunch of money on cheese.
— Chris St. John
I remember rocks you pick up outside that, once inside, you wonder why.
— Joe Brainard, I Remember
It’s like castration by wind.
— Injee
It’s just a bird, but holds toothbrushes.
— Lily
Mr. Carr collapsed in the Times newsroom, where he was found shortly before 9 p.m.
— Bruce Weber and Ashley Southall, "David Carr, Times Critic and Champion of Media, Dies at 58.“ The New York Times
The Office of Design and Construction conducted a survey over the summer that entailed identifying, mapping and photographing every single-occupant bathroom on campus, St. Mauro said.
— Corinne Lowe, “U. expands on gender-neutral bathroom plans,” The Daily Princetonian
I remember when I worked in an antique-junk shop and I sold everything cheaper than I was supposed to.
— Joe Brainard, I Remember
It’s useful to note that Mr. Williams initially reported the story fundamentally as it had happened.
— David Carr, “Brian Williams, Retreading Memories From a Perch Too Public,” The New York Times
In a somewhat similar vein, the company persuaded a cake-mix maker to change an “easy” tear-off tab on its box to one needing 3-lb. pressure. Research had indicated that some housewives feel guilty at using pre-mixed food, and salve their conscious by working harder to open the package.
Business Week, Aug. 2, 1958, “Packaging With the Stress on Design”
Inside a hexagonal building in the midst of an alfalfa field 7,000 ft. above sea level, they met twice daily.
— “Adventure at Aspen,” TIME, July 15, 1957
Cervantes used to say of himself that he should also be admired for what he didn’t write.
— Henri Lefebvre, The Missing Pieces
How curious, a bird in clothes!
— Lily
I don’t trust animals that don’t make noise. Fish? That’s fuckin scary.
— Caleb
It’s a good thing pistachios are good. Otherwise no one would eat them.
— David White
It’s making me have bad memories, and I want to have good memories.
— Parker, “American Football,” Radiolab
Another sacrifice, said Stephan Guenther, 46, a flight instructor and software developer in Cologne, Germany, and a Mars One semifinalist, would be the sound of silence. “There will always be some sound in the background, because the life support systems have to run,” he said.
— Natalie Angier, “A One-Way Trip to Mars? Many Would Sign Up,” The New York Times
House of Cards
Oh god bless ‘em. He’s eating his pajamas!
Dear Mr. Paepcke: How very kind of you to refuse to accept my resignation.
— Philip Johnson, May 12, 1959