What a great elevator. It's faster than a company.
— Lily on elevator in her parent's building
I'm going to do what she's doing, only I'm going to write "I'm full."
— Lily on Shantell Martin's "ARE YOU YOU" / "YOU ARE YOU"
Yo! What's up puppy! You can't do that! Chase cats, not birds!
— Guy spooked by dog barking at pigeons he was feeding in Columbus Circle
I want it to be seamless.
— J on moving between full screen presentations using the multiple destops feature*
You make what you measure.
— Andrew Yang, "Joe Rogan Experience #1245 - Andrew Yang"
In Science, as in Sports, the Sidelines Matter
— Dennis Overbye, The New York Times
He's got my toes. Aren't they mine?
— Emily on Edumund
Ivy league school.
— Emily's one word clue, after her one word clue "The Wizard of Oz," in final round of "poop smoothie" game
Rand, for example, never had the opportunity to experiment outside the business arena and since he was ostensibly self-taught, virtually everything he invented was "on the job."
— Steven Heller, "Cult of the Ugly"
“No mountain, bush, tree or blade of grass is visible from the yard, just the sky,” Mr. Rudolph wrote.
— The United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX) as a James Turrell via Alan Feuer and Alan Blinder, "Where El Chapo Could End Up: A Prison ‘Not Designed for Humanity,’" The New York Times
I find that so interesting because that is the future of conversation, it's looking at the paterns, it's looking at what people are trying to do with the thing, and then you build technlogy around it, and that becomes, that becomes the next big thing.
— Jack Dorsey, "Joe Rogan Experience #1236 - Jack Dorsey"
Can't have my chewin tabaca.
— Lily eating soup after wisdom teeth surgery
There is no "explanation" whatever of the fact that I can make arbitrary sounds which will lead a total stranger to think my own thought. It is sheer magic that I should be able to hold a one-sided conversation by means of black marks on paper with an unkown person half-way across the world.
— Beatrice Warde, “The Crystal Goblet”
He sent Hayes a gold ring into which he had cast a strand of hair from the head of George Washington, a relic he had obtained from the son of Alexander Hamilton.
— John Taliaferro, All the Great Prizes: The Life of John Hay, from Lincoln to Roosevelt
An endowment.
— M*
It's like taking a monkey into a banana shop.
It's like taking an elephant into a peanut shop.
It's like taking a dog into a bone shop.
It's like taking a snail into a lettuce shop.
It's like taking a moth into a sweater shop.
— Lily on me in The Met looking at things
It's nice to be validated every once in a while.
— Woman "validating" boarding passes before we got on the plane
What's your money tied up in?
— Grand Band money clip at The Golden Bear
I'd do everything in brown.
— K on a batchelor pad*
If you need it, you can buy it, that's the beauty of America.
— E's philosophy*