How curious, a bird in clothes!
— Lily
I don’t trust animals that don’t make noise. Fish? That’s fuckin scary.
— Caleb
It’s a good thing pistachios are good. Otherwise no one would eat them.
— David White
It’s making me have bad memories, and I want to have good memories.
— Parker, “American Football,” Radiolab
Another sacrifice, said Stephan Guenther, 46, a flight instructor and software developer in Cologne, Germany, and a Mars One semifinalist, would be the sound of silence. “There will always be some sound in the background, because the life support systems have to run,” he said.
— Natalie Angier, “A One-Way Trip to Mars? Many Would Sign Up,” The New York Times
House of Cards
Oh god bless ‘em. He’s eating his pajamas!
Dear Mr. Paepcke: How very kind of you to refuse to accept my resignation.
— Philip Johnson, May 12, 1959
When I spoke to Mr. Schniewind Saturday about inviting Giedion to write an introduction he was really disturbed. Schniewind said he would be very frank. Much to my surprise he said Giedion is a “phony”.
— Egbert Jacobson, March 12, 1945
I could get you a stool.
— Librarian
Does it already have postage?
— USPS guy
If life is money, how much money is your life?
— Bully in the Hallway, “Life Is Money”
That’s a nice bird, man!
— Mike Shiner, Birdman
I can’t wait to be home and put some Vaseline on my thumbs.
— Woman behind me on the plane
Oh well.
— Bobbi, Wild
He humorously observed that if a manufacturer of corrugated boxes needed design to improve business, then every business needed design.
— Hunter Middleton and Alexander Ebin, Impressions from the Design Conference held at Aspen, Colorado, June 28 through July 1, 1951
Can you imagine living in those countries?
— Woman on North Mill Street after American Sniper
Rock by rock.
— Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Selma
I like to think I did.
— Augustus Elijah Underwood, House of Cards
I’m hoping they have a baked potato! Please!
— Emily