Yea I’m gonna stick with that, it’s still gonna be good no mater what.
— Dave Parnell, Burn
Wolves into delicate poodles.
— John Hurt, More Than Honey
Why disavow any of that, one never should.
— Ethan Cohen (on things he didn't intend but others ascribe meaning to)
Opposing nothing, it is dead; nothing could be more lifeless.
— Adolphe Appia, The Work of Living Art: A Theory of the Theatre
I don’t think any of us are free thinkers.
— Eric Gregory
Or perhaps perpetually expect to experience.
— Ryan Harper
Future! Future! Future!
— Call
Poof, Poof.
— Everyone after Sami
Sexy salamander.
— Eric
Respect the hunt.
— Rob
Rob gave himself a fist bump in his head.
— Jamie
Under my al dente.
— Rob
They want the cookie.
— Eric
Town and Country.
— Enterprise Employee
— James Bond, Casino Royale
Convinced that memory keeps everything, not just the Albertines and the great journals of the heart and the kidneys, I persisted in reconstructing the contents of my desk in Floresta.
— Julio Cortázar, Hopscotch
I don’t quite grasp it entirely.
— Kristin
— John Silver, Treasure Planet
You can’t steal something that’s already been stolen
— Lord Grantham, “Christmas Special (2013)," Downton Abbey