Each box corresponds to one week in an average 88-year lifespan, and every filled-in box is one that you have already lived.
— Instagram ad for 4K Weeks
The truth is that power does not simply arrive. It has to be created, policy by policy, law by law, step by excruciating step.
— Beverly Gage, G-Man: J. Edgar Hoover and the Making of the American Century
It's very good.
— David texting about Librería Torre de Babel while we were in the International Emerald Museum
There's lots of things that I'd be tempted to buy, but nothing I can form a narrative around.
— David on items in the market stalls.
I like that he included the dirt under their fingernails.
— Kaya on Botero's Guerrilla de Eliseo Velásquez, 1988
We are all just inspirations for the record of ourselves.
— Ashton Kutcher, Vengeance
To prevent future large-scale losses to Overland Park's street tree canopy, the City is no longer permitting the planting of maple trees in the public right-of-way. Maple trees currently make up 35 percent of our street tree canopy, so if another invasive insect targeted maple trees, there would be an even larger problem.
— "Planning for the future of OP's tree canopy," OVERview
A visit to this exhibition full of enormous exhibits will reveal that I have included 261 examples of items beginning with the letter E.
— Mike Wilks, The Ultimate Alphabet
— Article headline via @sebastianstudio
Almost all artists are sincere about what they do. But keep in mind what Oscar Wilde said: "All bad poetry is sincere."
— @jerrysaltz
Joe Riedesel
Grandview Mo
— Cursive on a framed plank of wood in the workshop
It doesn't matter what you meant.
— The jock kid to Spielberg after the ditch day movie was shown to the class, The Fabelmans
In 2009, when Chinese authorities blocked access to several websites, he took to his personal blog to voice his disapproval, according to a Wall Street Journal profile. “Go out and wear a T-shirt supporting Google,” he wrote. “If you block the internet, I’ll write what I want to say on my clothes.”
— Alex W. Palmer, "How TikTok Became a Diplomatic Crisis," The New York Times Magazine
We went to a book printing factory and learned something mind-blowing
books with sprayed edges are all done by hand
— @penguinukbooks
Argentina’s third World Cup title — the first in 36 years — has generated a rare moment of euphoria for a country battered by near 100% inflation and facing months of economic and political uncertainty.
— @bloombergbusiness
She's tuckin into a piece of that cake there guys. Got her little paws on it. Bless her.
— @martincritchlow on Mrs. Jingles
In conditions like that, as Cyprien documented, if you take spaghetti or eggs outside, they'll become pieces of stone in under a minute.⁠
— @vice Instagram caption for series of photos by Cyprien Verseux and Carmen Possnig via @emily_elsie
That's what all the poeple say.
— Frank Sinatra, "That's Life"
If you're afraid of everything, you know, you're basically overwhelmed. But if you start educating yourself as far as specifically what to prioritize as far as what to worry about, in a war zone, working, protecting somebody, you know. You're not looking at everybody's faces, you're just looking at their hands, because that's what's gonna kill you. You know, that's an example of focalizing, you know, what you're paranoid and what you're afraid of.
— Ed Calderon, "Ed Calderon: Mexican Drug Cartels | Lex Fridman Podcast #346"
New York Review of Architecture #32