Locke had to write himself into the history of the present by creating a bolder, conversation-changing voice, and make others read him to understand themselves.
— Jeffrey C. Stewart, The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke
“I’ve come to the conclusion that because information constantly increases, there’s never going to be privacy,” Mr. Scalzo said.
— Kashmir Hill, "The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It," The New York Times
The old lady, does she drive?
— JS*
Gets the same train every time.
— The Kinks, "A Well Respected Man"
Wow! A USPS branch!!
— Sid note on a package
Some people develop their own Presidential libraries without experiencing a prior need to be President.
— John McPhee, "Tabula Rasa: Volume One," The New Yorker
Reading them and cataloguing them was something to do, and do, and do. It beat dying. It was a project meant not to end.
— John McPhee, "Tabula Rasa: Volume One," The New Yorker
Some argued that the insistence on burial reflected the self-interest of the clergy, who historically owned the burial grounds.
— Jeffrey C. Stewart, The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke
Visual Arts Press: as the design studio for the School of Visual Arts, the Press produces the College's printed publications, websites, enviornmental graphics, and promotional products.
— Orientation Video, "History of The School of Visual Arts"
With scale you get clarity.
— Todd Golub
The individual is not so much the patient, it's the family.
— Dr. Robert Green, talk at Broad "The Path to Preventetive Genomics: Empirical Evidence and Personal Stories from a Panel of Patients Who Recieved Unanticipated Genomic Results."
Eventually settled down to quiet resignation.
— Remy Evard, talk at Broad "Changing Science at Novartis, Changing Companies at Flagship"
Martial Arts. Fighting over abstract art.
— @alvarodominguez_
Just a reminder that just because it goes well together in the alphabet doesn’t mean it should be stored together.
— EHS, “store chemicals according to their compatibility group,” Chemical Storage and Use Slide
Book designer, book artist.
— Alexa's reply to "Who is Ben Denzer?"
We can always melt them down and make you a paper clip.
— Lily on wedding bands
I wish we would have known we could come here for dinner, I want to contribute to the economy.
— Lily on Roosevelt Island
Better set back your clocks.
— Lily after seeing sailors and saying, "You know what that means," implying Fleet Week, and then saying, "It sneaks up on you"
In Locke's opinion Dunbar, like Tennyson, was mainly valued because of his ability to make his tradition speak.
— Jeffrey C. Stewart, The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke
To celebrate firestorms is awful.
— Emily on Christina Aguilera's New Years performance