That's the problem with hanging around an older crowd.
— Sid the [90 year old] kid
It's unvelievable what humans can do.
— Lyft driver on people waiting almost 24 hours to watch the Times Square ball drop
I took the slow pony to the rubber forest.
— Danny
My med school dean said if you're not five minutes early, you're late.
— Kathleen on why she sets her car clock five minutes early and why she arrives early to everything inlcuding social gatherings
I didn't do this since I was two.
— Mason on pushing the plastic bubbles down on the lid of a to-go cup
Is a loon... is a goon.
— Phrases Stephanie says
I shrink in the mind is what happens.
— David on people always thinking he has grown
Focus groups.
— Mason responding to Dave's "How does it feel to be 4?"
The one-liners he's capable of producing are amazing.
— Waiter on Mason
I like how it's 3 men and 3 dogs. All looking at us. That would be a good painting... If only I had the patience.
— Lily on a scene during our walk
Waste of time.
— Lily
Chai time.
— Emily on Mount Sinai employee activity
I still use your cup.
— Megan*
It was a pleasure my friend.
— Roman from the breakfast sandwich cart
Context did equal creation.
— Seth Price, Fuck Seth Price
To keep the critics busy for 300 years.
— James Joyce via Richard Ellmann, James Joyce: Revised Edition
You have a new memory: Fluffly Friends - 2018
— Photos, my iPhone
Knows no bounds.
— Tal*
I got to recognize that people hate to be saved.
— One of only two lines underlined in Ronald Reagan, Where's The Rest of Me