We're so lucky to have those creatures in the world.
— Lily on a squirrel
Ellen shrewdly advised her husband to exploit the offer, and she urged him to consult with other university presidents, especially Daniel Coit Gilman at Hopkins, as a bit of self-advertising.
— John Milton Cooper, Jr., Woodrow Wilson
Whisky barrel chips.
— Kelly
Ghislaine Maxwell turns to sketch court sketch artist Jane Rosenberg.
— Image caption, Photograph: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters, via @tau_au
It's like something I would build in The Sims and get bored way too quickly because it would take them too long to get upstairs.
— Lily on a house
I have dreams about mosquitoes that don't bite.
— E*
Wilson attributed his lifelong growth primarily to that desire to control: "I want to feel that I'm in control, that I cannot be driven out of it, that I cannot be stopped, that I will be well regarded for being in it, and that entails control, and control means ambition, it means constantly extending one's reach, renewing, extending, innovating.
— Richard Rhodes, Scientist: E. O. Wilson: A Life in Nature
As often with human conflict, what looked from one side like naked aggression looked from the other side like necessary expansion and reform.
— Richard Rhodes, Scientist: E. O. Wilson: A Life in Nature
Ladies Lounge
— Painted words on door
Ms. Galyna said no white spots.
— Isaac to Mason while he was drawing a picture
And I believe in things that exist.
— Devin N. Morris, "Books, Community, and Collaboration: An Interview with Devin N. Morris," BAR
Piles of sticks are just so nice looking. God it's so easy to be an artist.
— Lily
I can't think of anyone who has had a better year than the QR code. What a comeback.
— @GraceMulvey1 via @imajs
Her Weibo account in early November of her relationship with Mr. Zhang lasted for all of 20 minutes before Chinese censors erased it. But the news quickly spread online.
— Chris Buckley, "Chinese Tennis Player Denies Sexual Abuse Claim, Raising More Questions," The New York Times
I can't believe you have three sinks here.
— Isaac
It was nowhere near as thrilling as the sham battles I had watched as a boy at Van Cortlandt Park.
— William Yale via Scott Anderson, Lawrence in Arabia
It appears this earnest search of insight also had the effect of delaying the special agent's discovery of the one simple truth to be found amid the thicket; no one else knew what was really going on either.
— Scott Anderson, Lawrence in Arabia
You know what you should do, you should move into one of these neighborhoods and every night you should have someone bring you a big rock, and you should slowly accumulate rocks until you have a huge rock yard.
— Lily
He run 'til he come to Lord Daniel's gate, then he rattled at the bells and they rung, he rattled at the bells and they rung
— Doc Watson, "Matty Groves"
The Rainbow Swash painted on a 140-foot tall LGN storage tank in Dorchester is the largest copyrighted work of art in the world.
— @onlyinbos