It just gets better and better as we improve sample size.
— Michael Talkowski, talk at Broad "Genomic Approaches for Rare Variations Studies in Human Disease"
Where millions of Amazon customers use Amazon cameras to watch Amazon contractors deliver Amazon packages.
— John Herrman, "Who’s Watching Your Porch?," The New York Times
Locke had to write himself into the history of the present by creating a bolder, conversation-changing voice, and make others read him to understand themselves.
— Jeffrey C. Stewart, The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke
“I’ve come to the conclusion that because information constantly increases, there’s never going to be privacy,” Mr. Scalzo said.
— Kashmir Hill, "The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It," The New York Times
The old lady, does she drive?
— JS*
Gets the same train every time.
— The Kinks, "A Well Respected Man"
Wow! A USPS branch!!
— Sid note on a package
Some people develop their own Presidential libraries without experiencing a prior need to be President.
— John McPhee, "Tabula Rasa: Volume One," The New Yorker
Reading them and cataloguing them was something to do, and do, and do. It beat dying. It was a project meant not to end.
— John McPhee, "Tabula Rasa: Volume One," The New Yorker
Some argued that the insistence on burial reflected the self-interest of the clergy, who historically owned the burial grounds.
— Jeffrey C. Stewart, The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke
Visual Arts Press: as the design studio for the School of Visual Arts, the Press produces the College's printed publications, websites, enviornmental graphics, and promotional products.
— Orientation Video, "History of The School of Visual Arts"
With scale you get clarity.
— Todd Golub
The individual is not so much the patient, it's the family.
— Dr. Robert Green, talk at Broad "The Path to Preventetive Genomics: Empirical Evidence and Personal Stories from a Panel of Patients Who Recieved Unanticipated Genomic Results."
Eventually settled down to quiet resignation.
— Remy Evard, talk at Broad "Changing Science at Novartis, Changing Companies at Flagship"
Martial Arts. Fighting over abstract art.
— @alvarodominguez_
Just a reminder that just because it goes well together in the alphabet doesn’t mean it should be stored together.
— EHS, “store chemicals according to their compatibility group,” Chemical Storage and Use Slide
Book designer, book artist.
— Alexa's reply to "Who is Ben Denzer?"
We can always melt them down and make you a paper clip.
— Lily on wedding bands
I wish we would have known we could come here for dinner, I want to contribute to the economy.
— Lily on Roosevelt Island
Better set back your clocks.
— Lily after seeing sailors and saying, "You know what that means," implying Fleet Week, and then saying, "It sneaks up on you"