Yeah nowadays he couldn't do that lmao
— @_martillo._ comment on @welcome.jpeg "Bruce Gilden’s close-up approach to street photography give his images a degree of intimacy and directness that have become a signature in his work. In the first two slides, Bruce describes his process and what he looks for when taking photos."
once grandpa told me he doesn't remember books he's read
which helped me realize i could technically have read every book
— Lily in a text
When Bill Clinton left office after eight years, there was no Facebook, YouTube, iPod (let alone iPhone) or Tesla. Bill Clinton today is younger than both Joe Biden and Donald Trump.
— @danprimack via @esaagar
I just bought this disposable camera and it seems it accidentally took a photo from the camera factory
— @dustycohen
Have you found that runny noses are harder to count?
— One of many jokes from museum visitors
We've always counted the dogs in the galleries. Everyone has something they count. But never noses.
— RISD museum guard
I might keep this error in the catalog description as a small treat to myself.
— @bibliophagist on "A couple of faint ink splashes to the sloth."
There is something AI can’t replace yet. The uniquely human need to connect with the maker.
— Pablo Delcan, via Debbie Millman, "Pablo Delcan’s Non-A.I. Art Generator Goes Viral"
By drawing in the box above I understand and agree that this is a legal representation of my signature.
— Digital form for dentist appointment
Aaaaa its the little slide pullouts you cant get in if you put the top on first
— Eli texting about the Denzer desk
Americans, we do what we need to, can do.
— Guy in Mark Twain house who was also taking photos once the tour guide moved to the next room.
Dozens of Chabad outposts all over the world have built replicas of this structure, from Dharamkot, India to El Paso Texas. What's expecially facinating about these replicas is that each one reflects the local style.
— Narration on @hyperallergic "Did you know there are 35 replicas of the Chabad Headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway around the world?" video
Another instance of a fact found out ages and ages ago that no man's glory is safe until he is dead. There is always a chance that some little ghastly accident will happen, unforeseen, unexpected, unpreventable, and turn it to a shame.
— Mark Twain, Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 3
In an interview, Mr. Johnson said he didn’t care what present-day people thought of him. “I’m more interested in what people of the 25th century think of me,” he said. “The majority of opinions now represent the past.”
— Christopher Beam, "The Meme King of Longevity Now Wants to Sell You Olive Oil," The New York Times
The plane’s streamlined front end resulted in a narrower space with less headroom, leading to a denser arrangement of buttons, dials, and switches.
— @starworldlab
Memory is the major element in cognition, in everything that we call the humanities. If you cannot remember, then you can't think and you can't imagine, and you can't write, and you can hardly read.
— Harold Bloom, "Harold Bloom," Charlie Rose
a recent post by @bkulok reminded me of this little moment in Zoe Leonard's Whitney retrospective several years ago. Leonard had made a piece reminiscent of Carl Andre's Lever, but instead of bricks the line was made out of her collection of Kodak "how to" paperbacks. They were arranged chronologically, and I always thought it would be interesting to research the impetus for changing the verb in the title from "make" to "take" in the mid-1970s.
— @canaljones
These and all the other artful fictive shades which give to a recited tale the captivating naturalness of an impromptu narration, can be attempted by a book reader, and are attempted, but they are easily detectable as artifice, and although the audience may admire their cleverness and their ingenuity as artifice, they only get at the intellect of the house, they don't get at its heart; and so the reader's success lacks a good deal of being complete.
— Mark Twain, Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 3
Because at least to me, I don’t think stagnation or slowing down is actually an option. Fundamentally life and the whole system, our whole civilization wants to grow. And there’s just far more cooperation when the system is growing rather than when it’s declining and you have to decide how to split the pie.
— Guillaume Verdon, "Guillaume Verdon: Beff Jezos, E/acc Movement, Physics, Computation & AGI | Lex Fridman Podcast #407"
In 1928, the New York Daily News enlisted Thomas Howard from the Chicago Tribune to secretly photograph the electrocution of convicted killer Ruth Snyder. Howard made the photo by strapping a pre-focused miniature glass plate camera to his left ankle with a cable release snaking up his pant leg into his pocket.
— @patrickwitty