Compromise with the pathologic.
— Advice from Sid just prior to his amazing comedy routine
Sky thumbs.
— Delta gate lady
I mostly dealt with strangers back then.
— Hopper, “Stranger Things” on being a big city cop
It’s a bag!
— Mason on pita with lamb bite
Mazel tov!
— JJ
That was racism.
— Bob, “The Fabulous Lipitones”
I remember when it was 60.
— Kathleen on Winstead’s menu saying “Serving Kansas City for over 70 Years”
I don’t have my catchers mitt on. So I’m not pickin’ everything up.
— Kevin
One day I’ll be a real bug. Ok?
— Lily
And then she saw a drawing of a lady in the pet shop and she asked: is that me?
— Lily telling a long story on a walk
Let me want it!
— Mason
Is it like a fetish?
— Overly classic Williamsburg hipster on me putting ice cream on a book
Lets get you out the door.
Pinterest board.
— Joe Bolling on Abby making one of rings
Did you learn anything yesterday?
— Henry
Nobody talks about that! And all the dentists know but they don’t tell anybody!
— Lily on how adult teeth are stored in the skulls of babies
He’ll be back January 8th.
— Green Flea Market ladies on stamp guy
What part of me is going to be here in 20 years? Only my teeth and my eyes so I gotta take care of those!
— Lily
We should have done this a long time ago.
— Patti (from the room next to PT) on a formal introduction
…on a parcheesi board.
— David Rosenthal about a cover*