You nailed it. Period!
— (at)seanspicer re-tweeting The Onion
— Lily’s word for 20 questions
Ben, we care about you and your Facebook memories. We thought you’d like to look back on this post from 10 years ago.
— FB on a picture of me and Danny after a Fiddler on the Roof performance in 8th grade.
— Lily observing differences between male and female sculpture’s backs
At what point do artists using social media stop making art for the idealized art world audience they want and start embracing the new audience they have?
— Brad Troemel, “Brad Troemel, The Troll of Internet Art,” The New Yorker
I’m sorry.
— Conductor who couldn’t open the door as I got to the 1 right before it left 23rd
You just need another art project.
— Deloris(?) after I responded “hanging in there”
is round, it turns
— The Beatles, “Because”
— Inscription on sundial with image of the grim reaper
I’d eat anything.
— Kelly with perfect comedic timing after Emily asks if we want to order olives
Good job.
— First thing Obama said to Trump after inauguration speech.
The glory is just going to pour out of your radio.
If I do nothing during the day, at least I will have done that.
— John Sharp on walking to work
He also slid down a banister on a visit to the White House and once crashed a helicopter in the Atlantic while chasing a dolphin.
— Robert D. McFadden, “Eugene Cernan, Last Human to Walk on Moon, Dies at 82,” The New York Times
Looks like something my mom would throw away before I finished.
— Lily on Jean Dubuffet’s “Jean Paulhan”
I don’t have all zheimers. I just have some.
— MC at Comedy Cellar
When you get hungry munch on something.
— Paul McCarthy. He also said “you’ll starve if you're bashful.”
Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?
— Dustin, "Stranger Things"
— Helen
— Rex Tillerson, Senate Confirmation Hearing