Our God is none other than the masses of the Chinese people.
— Mao Tsetung, Five Articles By Chairman Mao Tsetung
Hold onto your butts.
— Ray Arnold, Jurassic Park
The other coat!
— Over eager New Theatre audience member
I need some wooden hangers.
— Jazzy Dee, Top Five
You don’t have to pop for directions!
— Kathleen, *You don’t have to pay for decorations!*
For once having discovered that he was recognized as a crab, he made desperate efforts to escape.
— Gerald Durrell, Birds, Beasts and Relatives
Maybe I’m a narcoleptic but just with good timing.
— Lily
Margo, convinced that the sunshine would do for her acne what all the pills and potions of the medical profession had so far failed to do, sun-bathed with strenuous earnestness in the olive groves and in consequence got herself badly burnt.
— Gerald Durrell, Birds, Beasts and Relatives
Reached by phone, a brand manager found nothing problematic about the omission. “So she’s blind and deaf — her personal shortcomings are not related to the spirit of our brand,” said the woman, who gave only her surname, Jiang. “These products help you love and protect your eyes. Why would that be offensive?”
— Dan Levin, “Adidos and Hotwind? In China, Brands Adopt Names to Project Foreign Flair,” The New York Times
There is no solution because there is nothing to solve.
— E. O. Wilson, The Meaning of Human Existence
The Past, Present and Future walked into a bar… It was tense.
— Lily’s shirt
I’m sayin’ all this stuff and I don’t hear clack clack clack.
— Lily
Yet the theory of inclusive fitness was not just wrong, but fundamentally wrong.
— E. O. Wilson, The Meaning of Human Existence
It was free.
— Lily
My father always said, think the word content. If you can feel that most of the time, you’re good.
— Bobby Flay, CBS Sunday Morning
Last year it was just facts you already know.
— Teddy in a dream
I hope you youngsters appreciate the luxury of extruded aluminum alloy.
— Kurokawa, The Wind Rises
You just don’t see that in a stairwell.
— Man
Any questions?
— Dr. Nichols
You want me to take those downstairs for you?
— Man in antique mall