— @dank.lloyd.wright
Oh my god, I feel sick to my stomach that he had to do that.
— Lily on a bird flying out of the nest for the first time in a YouTube video
I wish I spent less time worrying.
— Lily's answer to the joke question painted on a shell, "What did the pirate say on his eightieth birthday?"
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— Word document
I believe they have more than two eyes.
— Kid on horseshoe crabs
Not a junk cone.
— Emily
From the Nile he extracts a salted, imported Black Sea herring.
— Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra
Fresh Handmade Spaghetti in a Bag
— Menu
During the illness, she said, she had "Genuine revelations of the Will of God." She believed she had died and was reborn as the Publick Universal Friend. No longer would she use the name Jemima Wilkinson.
— Jemima Wilkinson exhibit wall text
History belongs to the eloquent.
— Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra
Even in Cleopatra's day there was such a thing as ancient history... At the same time, the centuries felt closer than they do to us today. Alexander the Great was further from Cleopatra than 1776 is to our century, yet Alexander remained always vividly, urgently present. While 1,120 years separated Cleopatra from the greatest story of her time, the fall of Troy remained a steadfast point of reference. The past was at all times within reach, a nearly religious awe aimed in its direction. This was especially true in Egypt, which had a passion for history, and which for two millennia already had kept a written record. For the bulk of those years the insular, inaccessible country had changed little, its art barely at all.
— Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra
What music do you listen to?
— Kevin to Dad
Like Mark Twain in the overwhelming, overstuffed Vatican, we sometimes prefer the copies to the origional. So did the classical authors.
— Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra
You little humm dinger you.
— Sheila half joking half serious on my youth
from The Wedding as a Funeral series
— Saul Leiter wall text at the Jewish Museum
Back at the office, Drake had to lay down the law. "Mr. President, you can't sign everything people put in front of you. I've been told by the Secret Service you may not sign your name on a piece of currency. It's against the law."
— Bob Spitz, Reagan
A few months back my house was robbed and they took my copy of your 192 One Dollar Bills book.
— Email
So each time the plane took off, Nancy Reagan bowled an orange down the isle, trying not to hit any of the seats, while the cabin cheered her on.
— Bob Spitz, Reagan
He had a framework that enabled him to answer questions, even when he didn't know much about the details.
— Bob Spitz, Reagan
This is the other half they don't show you on TV.
— Massage Envy guy on painful deep tissue massages