No one ever says you’re making that language up.
— Sid on making a language up to get people out of the whirlpool
You’ve got some funny guy in my area there.
— Maggie to Paul on Karl who sits in her old cube
All ketchup is is a bottle of stuff with a sticker.
— Lily on ketchup
I just want to bathe myself in birds.
— Lily on baths
Like I talk to my cats?
— MET security guard after other security guard gives her advice to “do it authoritatively”
Did you see what we have!?
— Extremely nice manager of Murray’s pointing to Sloppy Blue on special menu. She also remembered my name and stretched the special another two weeks.
— Henry on source of great painting he found
— Doug to desk, House of Cards
I love birds.
— Emily
He delivered me!
— Lily on meeting man who delivered her
Who doesn’t love hats?
Baby Driver
Iced Matte.
— Rincon Argentino in Cold Spring, NY
I usually just sing happy birthday to myself when I’m stressed.
— Lily on test day
Guy in the Porsche keeps gunning it, from 140th, we’re in the same place, unbelievable.
— Man on bike on Riverside Park by Christopher St.
If you don’t flush the toilet, the resale value…
— Sid
For our masters.
— David Rosenthal
That sentiment echoed Mr. Fenn’s. Growing up, he spent most of his summers in Yellowstone National Park, and he was shot down twice in Vietnam, where he flew 328 combat missions in 348 days.
— Jonah Engel Bromwich, “Colorado Man Is Second to Die in Quest for Buried Treasure,” The New York Times
I like the Breakfast Sandwich.
— recommendation from The Meatball Shop Westside manager
What it means is that if, if you have any fact which you think is really sinister, right? Is really obviously a fact which can only point to some sinister underpinning, hey forget it man, because you can never on your own think up all the non-sinister perfectly valid explanations for that fact.
— Josiah “Tink” Thompson, “The Umbrella Man,” “Errol Morris | Interview | TimesTalks,” YouTube
One of my husband’s favorite things about this house.
— Neighbor woman (from the very friendly family who just sold their house) on me photographing ice cream on books outside