Just last month, Kanye West told the Times that his latest album, “Yeezus,” was inspired by a Le Corbusier lamp.
— Emma Allen, “The Rapper is Present.” The New Yorker
Tellin’ you that I’m bogus.
— Kanye West, “Hold My Liquor”
You meant it in the other sense of the word.
— Akshay
He felt suddenly of the texture of his own coat and then he reached out and pressed his thumb against the granite of the building by his side.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Lost Decade”
Well ya gotta die of somethin’.
— Ryan Gosling, Gangster Squad
I have a plan for you.
— Hamburg Airport Employee
You have to live a little.
— Liz
What she order? Fish fillet.
— Kanye West, “Ni**as in Paris”
I have to take my shoes off because I have corn nuts in my feet.
— John
Don’t be in a hurry.
— Macrina
And his tongue felt agile as a butterfly.
— John Updike, “Bech in Rumania”
Sometimes her English had a weird precision.
— John Updike, “Rich in Russia”
A man is never more himself than when he talks nonsense about God.
— Frank O'Connor, “A Story by Maupassant”
Time collapses upon itself.
— John
This is somehow how history is written.
— Xenophon
I’m related to camels.
— Slobodan Ćurčić
She was the queer things in him, like the pecan tree and liking books and caring enough about people to let them hurt him.
— Truman Capote, “Children on Their Birthdays”
Do you remember what it was like - alone?
— Franz Kafka, “The Judgement”
She would spend fruitless, anxious and enjoyable hours trying to disentangle and isolate her various emotions, and to assess their respective values.
— Margaret Drabble, “The Gifts of War”
And if you can’t see it, then you’re blind.
— Jesse, Before Midnight