It has always been the militant aggressor taking the place of the unprepared. Where are the empires of old?
— Douglas MacArthur, Select Speeches
It's not fair. They're just little chickens.
— Lily through tears seeing chickens transported by semi truck for the first time
I vow to always take more pictures of you and the dogs than the actual scenery we are out to see.
— Alex
But you have to have a stable home life.
— Bob Lazar on security clearances, "Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell"
What's the context of this room? Where are we and is it locked?
— Lily in our bed at 11:20pm after falling asleep at 10:30pm
You should tell Israel that.
— Lily after I said "It's about the people not the location."
In our community.
— Bedouin woman
A new place to have a conversation.
— Doug on camels
If I had a reason it would be easier.
— Anat
This is war. I'm not trying to make it prettier.
— Anat
If I'm with the fiancés and Zack, I'm safe.
— Sam
You knew exactly when to stop talking.
— Bo on previous night
And it's never a coincidence. You see ants behaving like brain cells.
— Lily
Turn two degress to your right.
— Adam during blindfold exercise
How Eisenhower had forced the local Germans to visit the liberated camps and see for themselves the piles of corpses and the skeletal survivors.
— Shimon Peres, Ben-Gurion
She'll be very easy to find online.
— Lily on Greek Syracuse tennis player we talked to in the JFK security line
Hey kid...
— Lily doing funny improvs before bed
The smell turns out to be the smell of fireplace ashes, or as Buzz Aldrin put it, the smell of the air after a fireworks show.
— Charles Fishman, "'One Giant Leap' Explores The Herculean Effort Behind The 1969 Moon Landing," Fresh Air
Well actually...
— Emily during Werewolf
Although he did not like to use a computer himself, he prided himself on being a technological innovator as well a a maker of unusual forms.
— Paul Goldberger, Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry