"Why not?" It happens because people usually mark religious events that are important to them by getting together with relatives, and it is very difficult in this world to get a whole bunch of relatives together, whether you are living in some village in Laos or in Manhattan, without giving them something to eat.
— Anne Fadiman on a conversation with Eric Crystal, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
The air in the beach balls is from 1905.
— Museum explainer on the wing float beach balls in the Spruce Goose at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum
You know what it reminded me of? When you pick up a rock and there's a bunch of bugs under there and the're a little caught off guard.
— Lily on a stroller with 3 mini greyhounds inside
Other customers have also asked "Where is horse?" Would you like to hear that too?... [Yes]... Horses are located in the world and it lives in small forests and grassland.
— Alexa after I asked "where is the dog?"
I’m a sentimental, cliché
Hallmark guy
— Sid, "What It’s All About"
Charmaine, get to the safe room. We’re being robbed by supermodels.
— Doug, Booksmart
You know what struck me? You used to always know how to swim.
— Sid on Lily
The House quietly voted last week to require the Pentagon inspector general to tell Congress whether the department experimented with weaponizing disease-carrying insects and whether they were released into the public realm — either accidentally or on purpose.
— John M. Donnelly, "House orders Pentagon to say if it weaponized ticks and released them," Roll Call
Ben-Gurion constantly thought on two planes, the immediate and the historical. He would not have expressed himself in such a way that history would judge him as guilty of reprehensible acts.
— Shimon Peres, Ben-Gurion
Nasmyth likely adopted the method from his father, a well-known Scottish landscape painter who used plaster models as studies for his paintings.
— Object label in the Met's Apollo's Muse: The Moon in the Age of Photography
An idealist.
— Nick
A family photograph left on the surface of the moon by one of the Apollo 16 astronauts in April 1972.
— Image Caption, "Should Neil Armstrong’s Bootprints Be on the Moon Forever?," The New York Times
I think one of the things that has been shocking to me is how normal it is.
— AOC in a New Yorker interview on "how enormous decisions are made in ways that feel like a typical office."

May not have come into herself yet.
— Sid
If we just restricted the rest of our days to the proovable stuff that we know is out there, it could be amazing.
— Eric Weinstein, "Joe Rogan Experience #1320 - Eric Weinstein"
You test things. You like to play around but you're honest.
— Michael Brush at Elephant's Trunk
A pile of gerbils.
— Lily's metaphor for a person
Isn't that musical.
— Mason on microwave beeps
They're all the same thing.
— Caitlin on contemporary book covers
Those are not options.
— Mason on Lily's "Would you rather be really good at ice skating or small talk?"