I feel like i’m inside of a dolphin. If you were the inside of a dolphin, which organ would you be?
— Lily
It’s a dead bee. Is that for sale?
— Lily
— Waiter
— Guy whose phone we borrowed
There’s no copyright on the landscape.
— Tour-guide
— Security guard.
— Guy trying to take nuts from table.
I’m surprised they haven’t fall off.
— Lily on legs
— Woman in train station customer service
— Birds in “zoo”
Vestiges of idolatry.
— Guy on Charles Bridge
Is that a mammal?
— Lily on garden arrangement
For two.
— Lily
Shibin namana bap bap!
— Lily on wheat grass drink
Now you have to draw him too.
— Friend of guy who sat on chair Lily was drawing
Excuse me, why so little?
— Guy in shop, where we got ginger almond cookie, on my drawings
It’s so much better drawing people as the shapes they are instead of trying to capture them as humans.
— Lily
These rings! Who wears them!?
— Model in photo shoot
It’s almost like a marital ceremony, the way you two are drinking in unison. It’s always nice to see happy passengers.
— BOS TSA worker