That's a lot of points.
— Lily on how many Alexa "question of the day" points we have
The South Korean broadcaster MBC showed photographs associating pizza with Italy, Chernobyl with Ukraine and Count Dracula with Romania in its coverage of the opening ceremony.
— Subhead for "Broadcaster Apologizes for ‘Inappropriate’ Images Aired During Olympic Parade," The New York Times
More mud my man.
— Phrase Isaac and Mason repeated over and over while they played in a pool of water dug on the beach
Lots of you mentioned the cost of analog photography as being a critical aspect of the appeal (the price tag gives it worth)
— @emily_elsie over passage from Nathan Jurgenson's The Social Photo, "Analog images are seen as slow, pricey, and rare to the degree that social photos appear quick, cheap, and abundant. That an old photo could survive as long as it did grants it an authority that the equivalent digital photo taken today may never achieve."
Pa. High School's Resemblance To The Millennium Falcon: 'It's Really Uncanny'
— CBS Philly headline, google result after looking into "Suggested for You" Star Wars Fans United post on Facebook
Because Han Solo says "I'll see you in Hell" in Empire Strikes Back, there's an entire mythology for what Hell is in the Star Wars universe.
— "Suggested for You" Star Wars Fans United post on Facebook
Any cover that had a number on it sold better than covers without
— @emily_elsie
Morgan Freeman wears earrings that are worth enough to pay for a coffin in case he dies in a strange place.
This is actually an old sailor's tradition.
— "Suggested for You" UberFacts post on Facebook
Mr. Rosen added that the company’s data showed that 85 percent of its users in the United States had been or wanted to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.
— Cecilia Kang, "Facebook Tells Biden: ‘Facebook Is Not the Reason’ Vaccination Goal Was Missed," The New York Times
The prosecution of the war stalled. An uneasy truce may have settled over the battlefield. Theban dominance in the eight southernmost provinces was absolute; Herakleopolitan rule over MIddle and Lower Egypt remained unchallenged. And so it might easily have stayed, but for the fact that a divided nation was anathema to the ancient Egyprian world view. Any king worthy of the name had to be Lord of the Two Lands, not merely a provincial potentate.
— Toby Wilkinson, The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt
The IBM technologists were frustrated by the complexity, messiness and gaps in the genetic data at the cancer center.
— Steve Lohr, "What Ever Happened to IBM’s Watson?," The New York Times
— Lily doing a perfect imitation of Jeremia knocking and saying "package"
A poem, whatever its uses to historians or social scientists, is only secondarily a political or societal document. What it seeks is validation as a source of value in itself.
— Harold Bloom, The American Religion
The problem is money is quantifiable.
— Joe Rogan, "The Joe Rogan Experience #1668 - Krystal Ball & Saagar Enjeti"
AI39 PRINTED and CENSORED in CHINA: In October 2020, in the days leading up to the press run for this book, a Chinese government authority ordered production be shut down at the printing plant in mainland China unless five "offending" images by five illustrators that contained Chinese subject matter were removed. In order to get production up and running again, and include ALL images, we planned a work-around with the printer based in Hong Kong to print the censored images and secretly place them into the book as loose inserts. While complicit, and without comment, the absense of imagery on five pages in this book is our only action of protest and dissent.
— Note with American Illustration 39 book
Very little of it's about hunting, but it puts it in context, and it goes 'nah that's not just a hilbilly out shootin stuff.' This guy has dedicated his life to this. This is a very thoughtful process. This is guy, not just his life, his dad's life, and his dad's life before him was dedicated. I mean these guys made a decision, this is going to be a big part of our life boys, we're going to be hunters. And it affected their careers, affected their familys, it affected, how many kids had. They, I mean, you know just like the implications of choosing a lifestyle is so big, and that's what I think is profoud about hunting and that's what I'm interested in, is because I love to hunt, like I cannot erase that for me. Like, I do love to hunt but, I am very intersted in how hunting actually affectd my life. How it impacts the character of my children, how it impacts the sanctity of my marriage. I mean I'm kind of going out there but I'm being serious. Like, I think that what we choose to dedicate our life to has the opportunity to make us better and impact our character, and it's just a big story man.
— Clay Newcomb, "The Joe Rogan Experience #1674 - Clay Newcomb"
— Permanent advertisment on gravestone
Wasn't Woody made out of cloth?
— Nate, "For the Children," Ted Lasso
If you do the whole program, you end up with up to a file cabinet full of pre-clear folders on notations about your life, your thoughts, and your considerations about your life. It's the most intimate detail.
— Mark Rathbun, Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief
Despite the efforts of archaeologists to uncover the rubbish dumps and workshops that reveal the daily lives of ordinary citizens, it is the abundant written record and imposing edifices left behind by the pharaohs that coninue to dominate our view of ancient Egyptian history. In the face of such powerful testimonies, perhaps it is not surprising that we are inclined to take the texts and monuments at face value.
— Toby Wilkinson, The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt