— handful of shells hitting water.
Let every state in this union seep deep down in your soul.
— Bob Dylan, “Let Me Die in My Footsteps”
Cars, scarves, and watches, these are my vices in life.
— Akshay
I feel like i’m inside of a dolphin. If you were the inside of a dolphin, which organ would you be?
— Lily
It’s a dead bee. Is that for sale?
— Lily
— Waiter
— Guy whose phone we borrowed
There’s no copyright on the landscape.
— Tour-guide
— Security guard.
— Guy trying to take nuts from table.
I’m surprised they haven’t fall off.
— Lily on legs
— Woman in train station customer service
— Birds in “zoo”
Vestiges of idolatry.
— Guy on Charles Bridge
Is that a mammal?
— Lily on garden arrangement
For two.
— Lily
Shibin namana bap bap!
— Lily on wheat grass drink
Now you have to draw him too.
— Friend of guy who sat on chair Lily was drawing
Excuse me, why so little?
— Guy in shop, where we got ginger almond cookie, on my drawings